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Evidence to support an ALF application

Proof of Placement - Evidence

Proof of placement - If your placement is a compulsory part of your course, please provide the following (unless you can claim your travel back through the NHS Learning Support Fund):
• Confirmation of your placement dates and location from your School Hub
• Proof of placement travel costs (e.g. postcodes if you travel by car or travel tickets if you use public transport)

Household - Evidence

Proof of partner
Proof of each dependant – We will need a copy of identification for all members of your household i.e. birth certificate, passport or driving licence. If you have other dependants who do not live within your household full-time then we will also require identification for them and also please give as much detail about the circumstances - such as days, weeks you might have/see the child, what is your financial responsibility.

Funding - Evidence

Proof of funding - Please provide a copy of your 2019/20 Student Finance Entitlement Summary. You can find this by logging onto your online student finance account. The entitlement summary is towards the bottom of the 1st page when you log on to your account.
If you receive an NHS/Social Work Bursary, please log onto your Boss account in order to provide your 2019/20 entitlement letter.
If you receive a Postgraduate Loan, please provide a copy of your award letter for 2019/20.
If you receive any other funding (e.g. Career Development Loan or funding from Future Finance), please a copy of your entitlement letter.

Benefits - Evidence

Proof of benefits - As standard we will need to see all pages of your Benefit notifications – if any of your benefits are paperless we can accept a screen shot however this must show your name and amount(s) breakdowns if necessary. If you are unsure if your benefits are correct the Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre are trained advisors and can check if what you’re getting is correct. Contact details: 01772 894880
Tax credit Award Notification 2019/20 (ALL Pages required) – If you have not received your notification we can accept a screen shot from your online account this must show your name and amount(s)

Universal Credit paperwork (ALL Pages required)

Housing Benefit (ALL Pages required) – As a Full time student this should have been reassessed based on your Student Income. If you are unsure of your Housing benefit is correct you can have this checked with the Students Union Advice and Representation Centre 01772 894880

Council Tax Support Notification (ALL Pages required)

Other Benefit Notifications for example: PIP / DLA / ESA / Carers allowance / Pension credit / Maternity Allowance (ALL Pages required)

Income - Evidence

Proof of wages - 3 recent months wage slips if paid monthly / one recent months wage slips if paid weekly
If you are self-employed we will require your Tax return and proof of your earnings

Other Income - Evidence

Proof of maintenance - This could be a payment that has been organised through the Child Maintenance Service, if so please provide a copy of the formal arrangement. If you have an informal agreement please let us know in as much detail as possible, providing/highlighting monies paid/received on your bank statements.

Accommodation - Evidence

Proof of accommodation costs – Please provide proof of your costs e.g. tenancy agreement, mortgage statement
Proof of any other properties - Do you own / rent any other properties?
If so, please confirm the address of the 2nd property and also provide:
• A mortgage statement for your 2nd property to confirm the amount due each month
• If you also rent out this property, please provide paperwork to confirm the amount of the rental income that you receive from the property
• Confirmation of the cost of any building insurance that you pay for the 2nd property
• If you have more than 2 properties, please provide the information above for each property

Council Tax - Evidence

Proof of Council Tax - Please send a copy of your most recent Council Tax bill for 2019/20..
If you are a full time student you can apply for a Council Tax Exemption Certificate through our online Self Service Facility, follow this link for information and guidance:
Council Tax Exemption

Car Ownership - Evidence

Proof of car - Please send a copy of your most recent Insurance Certificate or Log Book

Travel - Evidence

Proof of travel tickets (self) and Proof of travel tickets for dependants – Please provide a copy of your travel tickets. We only need 1 example of your daily travel, you do not need to send multiple daily passes. If your travel arrangements are particularly complex and involved multiple tickets and types of travel then please explain your journey clearly and indicate which ticket relates to which part of your journey.
Have you and/or your dependant(s) applied for a travel pass?

ChildCare - Evidence

Please provide details for any childcare costs you have (either formal or informal).
You can ask your childcare provider to complete the Childcare Costs Sheet which you can download here. Please complete one sheet per childcare provider and per child if necessary, and ensure the provider's name and registration number (where applicable) are on the form.
If your child care provider would prefer to confirm the costs in writing, please ensure the letter contains details of dates attended, weekly / monthly cost and contact details.
Please note, we will require an estimate of costs for the year ahead and not invoices for sessions already undertaken (unless they relate to September 2019 - August 2020).
We may contact your provider(s) to verify information.

Personal Statement - Supporting Evidence

Additional supporting evidence – Please supply any additional evidence you feel supports your application and what you have disclosed within your supporting statement e.g. proof of eviction, sick notes from your GP, proof of your caring responsibilities. You may wish to contact the team directly and arrange an appointment to discuss any additional circumstances separately where a clearer idea of the additional evidence we require can then be determined.

Bank - Evidence

Bank statements – 3 months recent bank statements for each account you hold are required including any savings or joint accounts. We must be able to see your name and account details to confirm the accounts are yours. We cannot accept statements downloaded into excel however screen shots taken from online banking are acceptable as an alternative. Within your bank statements we need to see your funding being paid in and your accommodation being paid out (where applicable).
All transactions (in and out of your account) of £100 or over must be clearly explained.

Evidence - Disability
Please upload any evidence.
Upload your full DLA / PIP notification(s)