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Short-term Loan Assistance

We are able to provide short term loan assistance to students experiencing extreme financial difficulties.
This is a loan from the university, which you will be expected be pay back. The loan support is designed to cover the cost of basic food and toiletries for a short period of time.

These hardship loans are available to students who:
• are experiencing a delay with their first instalment of student loans or bursary
• have exhausted their student loan or bursary payment and are awaiting another source of income i.e. wages or next instalment of maintenance loan/bursary
• have been advised by a member of Student Services staff to make this application due to an emergency situation

Please note:

At the start of an academic year, lots of students experience delays in receiving their funding. Please note that we are not able to make any payments towards rent or accommodation costs and can only help towards food essential day to day living costs such as food, toiletries and some household bills.

If you are in UCLan accommodation, please speak directly to our accommodation team to make them aware of any delays that you are experiencing with your funding and to keep them up to date about when you will be able to pay what is owed.

If you are in privately owned accommodation or have a mortgage, please contact your landlord/mortgage provider to make them aware of your circumstances. If you are asked to provide proof that there are delays in receiving your funding and haven't got any correspondence from your funding provider, we may be able to provide you with a letter to confirm your circumstances. Please contact The <i> for further information (  / 01772 895000)


Eligibility – Who can apply?

Short-term loans can normally only be considered for full-time UK home students.

If you are a part time student, EU or International student we may require further information before a decision can be made, depending on your circumstances.

College enrolled students should contact their college for financial support. Unfortunately, students on Degree Apprenticeship courses are not eligible to apply for a Short Term Loan. We recommend that you contact the Students’ Union Advice Service on 01772 894880 / for further advice on any additional financial support that may be available.

If you owe money to the University already, this may also restrict the support that we are able to offer.


Prior to applying for a Short-Term Loan please consider the following:

• We expect students to utilise all other funding available to them e.g. any savings / ISA's or a student overdraft. We are unable to approve any loans for students that still have funding available to them. You will need to have applied for a maintenance loan from the relevant Student’s Loan Company (e.g. SFE) before applying for a short term loan from the University, if you are entitled to one.

• We normally only consider essential food and travel costs for a limited period of time. We do not consider payments towards rent. If you are having difficulty with your accommodation costs or other debts, we recommend that you seek independent advice from the Students’ Union Advice Service.

• Payments are normally made within 3-5 working days of receiving a complete application. Please bear this in mind before applying. If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please call us on 01772 895000 to discuss your circumstances.

• We also highly recommend that if you are struggling financially you sign up to Blackbullion. In particular, you may wish to look at the budgeting pathway and budgeting tool.

• At the end of an academic year when you have received all of your funding instalments/are in the process of completing your course (final year students) we may not be able to provide you with short term loan assistance or may require further details.

• The maximum loan amount that we can offer is £250.


Please follow these simple steps to apply.

1. Please complete the online application form

2. As part of the application process you will need to upload supporting documents, this may include any of the following:
• 1 months’ worth of banking transactions to include the current available balance (for all accounts you hold) e.g. banking screen shots (please note excel downloads and screen shots from phone apps cannot be accepted)
• If you have not received your 1st instalment of funding from the Student Loans Company, we also need to see proof you have applied for a student loan/bursary e.g. screen shots from your online Student Finance account or any letters received.
Please note that we may be unable to process loan requests without this information.

Decisions are usually made within 2 working days after the application is submitted. The amount payable is based on individual circumstances and at the discretion of the assessor. We may contact you by either phone or email if we require further information. Any delays in your response will delay the progress of your loan request.



As part of your application you will be expected to repay at your next funding instalment date or at another agreed date. Once you reach the repayment date you will need to make arrangements with the University to repay.
An easy way to remember to repay the University is to set up a Standing Order or a faster payment if you have online banking now. Set a date when funds will be available to you. You will need the following details to set this up.

Sort code: 20-69-93
Account number: 20560332
IBAN: GB04BARC20698520560332
Swift address: BARCGB22

Alternatively, you can use one of the following payment methods:

Online payment

Please quote your student registration number when you make your payment.
If you fail to make your own arrangements to repay you will receive an invoice from the University.
If you have received your loan invoice and are struggling to repay, please contact our Customer Accounts Team at

For Financial Support Enquiries:
Telephone: 01772 895000 / Email: