The Access to Learning Fund Grant

Applications for the Access to Learning Fund Grant 2017/18 are now closed for standard academic year.  If you are a March intake nursing student starting in 2018 we can still accept your application or if you are facing extreme financial hardship please complete the application form however we cannot guarantee as assessment will be carried out without your case being discussed in the Access to Learning Fund weekly panel meeting.  Alternatively if you want to discuss your circumstances before hand please contact us on 01772 892583 or email

How To Apply

Step 1

Please open the application form found below:


Once the application form is open please download.   The download icon can be found on the top right hand side of the application form.  This will open a window to 'Save As', now save the document as ALF Application 2017/18.

If you are struggling to edit the document and you are using Windows 10 you might need to make sure you open the document with 'Adobe Acrobat Reader'

If you continue to have technical problems with the application form please contact the office on 01772 892583

Step 2

Once the form is downloaded please complete the fields within the application which relate to your circumstances. Please check that you have completed all sections of the application which relate to your income and expenditure, your bank details and supporting statement. We cannot assess your application without full details of your circumstances.

Complete all of the mandatory fields (highlighted red) and the sections that are relevant to you.

Step 3

Once you have filled in the application form, then please refer to the evidence checklist. We require evidence to be sent in so we can cross check the information in the application form. This is an audit requirement. Please use the checklist to gather the information which will be required.

You will be required to provide evidence to support your application as indicated at the end of each section with an E.

Step 4

Now you have completed the application and you have collected the evidence required we recommend you save the application.

Step 5

Now you're ready to send the application, please send an email to with your name and student ID number in the subject of the email and attach the complete application form.

The evidence will need to be scanned and emailed also along with declaration form. Please print off the declaration form below, sign and scan back to us.  We cannot accept electronic signatures.  


Scanning facilities are available on campus on the 3rd floor of the Library, or you can submit documents to the <i> to be scanned and emailed on your behalf and you will be notified when your documents are ready for collection.

For Financial Support Enquiries:

Tel: 01772 892583 / Email: