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Types of Award

After you have applied for Financial Support our team of experienced advisors will make recommendations about the type of support that is best suited to you and your circumstances. If you receive a recommendation that you may be eligible for support from the Access to Learning Fund, you will then need to provide supporting evidence of your income and expenditure as part of the application process.

There are different types of Access to Learning Fund awards, each type dependent on your situation.

Standard Awards

In order to qualify for a standard Access to Learning Fund award, you will have to demonstrate a shortfall between your income and essential expenditure. If you are eligible for a standard award, you will receive a payment between £100.00 and £2,500.00. In some situations, students with dependents maybe entitled to an award between £100.00 and £3,500.00. Payments are usually made as a lump sum payment.

Applications to the Access to Learning Fund can take up to 10 working days to process, after we have received all of the essential evidence.
Please see this ALF assessment document for a full list of income and expenditure that we will consider as part of a standard Access to Learning Fund application and how we will use this information to calculate your eligibility and award level.

Non-Standard Awards

Non-standard awards are one off payments made in exceptional circumstances. Awards may be considered for students who have to meet exceptional costs that other students may not incur. Students who can demonstrate that they will have to withdraw from their course due to financial reasons may also be considered.

Depending on the situation, non-standard awards can be dealt with quicker than standard awards. Examples of situations in which we may be able to agree non-standard payments include: possible eviction, repairs to essential household equipment, priority debts and other emergency situations.

You will need to submit additional evidence concerning your circumstances in order to be considered for a non-standard award.

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