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Hardship Fund

Now Open

What is the Hardship fund?

The Hardship Fund (formerly known as the Access to Learning Fund) is a grant distributed by the University specifically for students who are in Financial Hardship. This could be because your student maintenance loan doesn’t cover your essential day to day living costs, or due to a one-off cost in exceptional circumstances.

When can I apply?

The 2020-21 Hardship Fund is NOW OPEN and will close on 30 June 2021. To apply to the Hardship fund 2020-21, please complete the Application form in full. 

Please note: You can only apply once you have enrolled on your course and have received your first instalment of statutory support. If you have not yet enrolled or have enrolled but you are still awaiting your funding, please do not apply until this has been resolved.

March Start Courses

For students that are in the first year of a course that starts in March 2021, you will be able to apply to the Hardship Fund as soon as you are enrolled (as long as your student funding application has been approved) and the closing date for applications will be extended until 30th June 2021.

Award Reassessments

If your circumstances have changed since your Hardship Fund was fully assessed, please contact us for a reassessment. Reassessments will only be considered within 9 months of the start of your academic year.


If you disagree with the outcome of your assessment, please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment to go through the assessment with you. If after this, you wish to dispute the decision, please complete an appeal form so that it can be looked into further.

Emergency or Unexpected Costs

If you have experienced an unexpected financial emergency, e.g. funeral costs or emergency house move, you can apply to the hardship fund for ‘non-standard’ support. You will be asked to provide supporting evidence as proof of your circumstances and must apply for support no more than 4 weeks after you are made aware that you will incur the cost.

We can consider non-standard hardship fund applications at any point in the academic year. If the standard hardship fund is closed, you will need to contact The <i> to be given permission to submit an application outside of the standard opening times.
If you are at all unsure about whether you will qualify for non-standard support, please contact the <i> on 01772 895000 or at to speak to one of our experienced advisors.

Not all students are eligible to apply to the hardship Fund. For more information about the fund and eligibility criteria, please click on the links below:

You must complete the Blackbullion Budgeting 101 module prior to submitting an application for support. If you are not already registered with Blackbullion, please register today using your UCLan email address. The Budgeting 101 module can be found in the Uni Life section of the Blackbullion Library.

If you need urgent financial support or are having problems completing the module, please contact The <i> on 01772 895000 to speak to an advisor.

Financial Support Enquiries:
Telephone: 01772 895000 / Email: