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Access to Learning Fund

Although the Access to Learning Fund is currently closed, we are still providing financial support to students. Please contact The <i>  (01772 895000 / to speak to an advisor to discuss your case in more detail.

If you started your course after 29 February 2020 and consider yourself to be in financial hardship, or if you have an unforeseen financial support need, please contact The <i> directly to speak to an advisor: 01772 895000 / 

The Access to Learning Fund is a grant specifically for students who are in financial hardship. This could be because your student loan does not cover your essential day to day living costs or due to a one-off cost in exceptional circumstances.
For more information about the fund, how it is assessed, who is eligible and what type of evidence you may be asked to provide, please click on the links below:

How is The Access to Learning Fund assessed?

There are different types of Access to Learning Fund awards, each type dependent on your situation.

Who is eligible for the Access to Learning Fund grant?

Find information about which students may be eligible for the Access to learning Fund.

FAQs and how we access your application

Find answers to any questions regarding the Access to Learning Fund and information about how we assess your application.

Acceptable Evidence

For information and examples of the evidence that we may ask you to provide as part of your application for Financial Support

Financial Support Enquiries:
Telephone: 01772 895000 / Email: