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Other support

Disability/Inclusive Support Funding

Financial support towards an assessment for dyslexia

Diagnostic assessments for specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia are available at UCLan. This assessment is carried out by an external provider called Educational Guidance Service. The cost of the full assessment is completely free to UCLan enrolled students. However, we do suggest that prior to partaking in the full assessment you complete the Quickscan screening test as this will provide you with an indication of whether it is possible you have a specific learning difficulty.
For further details please contact Inclusive Support via their email ( or visit The <i> on the ground floor of the library.

No application is required in relation to the support provided from UCLan other than to speak to the Inclusive Support team regarding setting up an appointment for the test to be carried out if necessary.

To find out more information regarding this support we recommend speaking to Inclusive Support on 01772 892593 or email -

DSA Top-up Grant

UCLan  provide financial support to students who are required to pay suppliers the additional £200 student contribution before they can gain access to the equipment applied for through Student Finance England or NHS Grants Unit in relation to their DSA claim.

Students can either loan the £200 contribution with the option of converting the loan into a grant if their income is under 25K or just apply for the grant without taking out the loan.

This household income assessment is carried out by Student Finance England/NHS and information is passed to the university with the students consent.
To apply for the Top-up Grant/Loan please complete the below application form.  If you need help and support with this application please speak to your inclusive support advisor or visit the <i> in the Library.

What happens next?

Once your completed form has been received by The <i>, along with the required evidence (detailed on the application form), a receipt will be sent to your University email account. It is therefore very important that you check this email account regularly.

When will I be paid?

It takes approximately 1 week from the date your application is received for a decision to be made. If our records confirm you are eligible for an award, any decision notification will be sent to your University email account. Awards will be paid directly into your bank account using the details you supply on this form. It is not possible to pay you in cash.

Can I apply in subsequent years?

One award will be paid for the entirety of your studies at UCLan, regardless of how long that might be.

If you have any questions regarding your application please contact the Financial Support team at / 01772 895000

Unfortunately students on Degree Apprenticeship courses are not eligible to apply for financial support with disability funding. We recommend that you contact the Students Union Advice Centre on 01772 894880 /  for further advice on any additional financial support that may be available.

UCLan Financial Bursary

The UCLan Financial Bursary Scheme 2019 is financial support awarded to students from low income households. This support is provided in instalments, made across the academic year directly into eligible student bank accounts.

The Scheme awards £2,000 in total across 3 academic years, £500 in Year 1, £750 in Year 2 and £750 in Year 3 (with £750 in Year 4 for applicable cases).
For information about eligibility and other frequently asked questions, please visit the Bursaries and Scholarships webpages.

UCLan Dentistry Bursary

The UCLan Dentistry Bursary is available to 2BDS students and is subject to means testing. UCLan aims to provide additional assistance to the following groups:
- Students from lower income households
- Students from lower income households with child dependents
Eligibility is determined using your residual income details as calculated by Student Finance England (SFE) or other UK awarding bodies (Student Finance Wales, Student Finance NI, or Student Awards Agency for Scotland) when you have completed your Maintenance Loan application.

For more information please read the following fact sheets:

For Financial Support Enquiries:

Telephone: 01772 895000 / Email: