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UCLan Mediation Clinic

Free mediation services for students and the wider community

Fallen out with your housemates? Not getting along with your presentation partners? The UCLan Mediation Clinic can help you.

What is the Mediation Clinic?

The Mediation Clinic has been set up by students for students and offers mediation services. Mediation is a tool used to deal with conflict and disagreements.

What exactly is mediation?

In a mediation, a third impartial and neutral party facilitates discussion between two or more parties. This is the meditator. The mediator is completely non-biased, they will act without judgement and they will have no connection to either student or the dispute. These disputes can range from falling out with a flat mate over dirty dishes and cleaning rotas, to a dispute between a master’s student and their supervisor. No dispute is too small or too big for the Mediation Clinic.

Mediation is:

Free: The Mediation Clinic is free to all UCLan students.

Voluntary: You have to be willing to take part in the mediation. You can leave the mediation process at any time.

Non-judgemental: Our mediators are not here to judge you, they are here to help you resolve your dispute.

Empowering: Our mediators are here to empower you to take control of your dispute.

Professional: Our mediators go through intensive training and evaluation before they are allowed to mediate.

Non-binding: Up until the point of agreement nothing is binding.

Confidential: Everything that is discussed will remain confidential between everyone involved in the mediation.

What can I expect from mediation?

After you have let us know about your dispute, the mediation clinic assistant will get in touch with you and ask you for a bit of detail about the dispute at hand. If your situation is suitable for mediation then a mediation will be arranged. All mediations will be held at UCLan.

At the mediation itself, there will be two mediators, co-mediators, who will deal with your dispute. They will ask some questions to help understand what has happened and will help you come to a mutually beneficial agreement, or a resolution, which should hopefully mean the end of your dispute.

Is my dispute suitable for mediation?

There are only a small number of mediations that we can’t do, but why not contact the Mediation Clinic to have a chat about what has happened and we can see if we can help you. 

Telephone 01772 893072 or call in to see the clinic assistant in Harris Building room 115.