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Travel to Placement

WBLT maintains relationships with a large number of practice partners across the North West of England, with the arrangement of placement locations differing across the range of programmes that we offer at UCLan.

Due to the geographic spread of our placement partners, it is inevitable that some students will need to travel greater distances to reach their placement than others. Unless a student can provide evidence of exceptional circumstances, our expectation is that ALL students will make every effort to attend the practice placement they have been allocated.

Students may have to travel for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach their practice placement; this is in accordance with Health Education England North West Placement Development Network guidelines.

We recognise that some students choose to study at UCLan irrespective of where they live and the additional travelling time that this incurs.

Please note that UCLan can only place students within the health economies assigned to each programme as adjacent health economies/placements are utilised by other HEIs. This may mean that some students may experience travelling times in excess of the 1 hour and 30 minutes from their home address as the 1 hour 30 minute travel time only commences at the border of the health economies that we partner.

Travel Information

Students may have to use various modes of transport (i.e.; a combination of walking, buses and/or trains) to get to placement there are various travel planners that can assist with this, however Traveline has proved to be a reliable service for a number of years.
The WBLT team also use this tool when completing allocations to ensure students are able to access placements.

Students may use their own car to travel to and from placement though it is advisable to check insurance levels cover this. Where students are entitled to claim travel as part of the student bursary allowance business insurance MUST be in place for the vehicle. (Note: There may be an extra charge for this which the students are liable for). Some placement partners prefer students not to park in Visitor car parking spaces and may have a reduction in fees for car parking for the duration of the student placement – please seek advice on initially contacting the placement.

Students must not use their own car to transport patients under ANY circumstances. Students should check their car business insurance and the organisational policy of the placement provider to confirm if equipment can be transported in a students' vehicle. Students should not use their own car to transport placement provider staff during working hours.