Supervision Expectations

All students will have an allocated practice educators for each placement block. There is an expectation that the Practice Educator and student will meet each week for formal supervision, this should last for around 1 hour. It is expected that during this supervision session the students’ progress with be discussed and the students learning agreement will be updated. It is important that this time is protected as it is an integral part of supporting the students within the placement. Weekly meetings also give opportunity to address any areas of concern or difficulty identified.

On most placements there will be a model of one student allocated to one practice educator. However, in some settings this 1-1 model will differ. For example the practice educator may have responsibility for two students in the same setting, or a student may have two practice educators (perhaps where the placement is split across two sites or where two occupational therapists work part-time so share the student). Where there is more than one student within the placement setting, it may be appropriate for some supervision sessions to involve all students on a group basis. It would be expected that each student would still have a regularly opportunity to meet separately with their practice educator.

For contemporary placements students will have both an on-site supervisor (who will be a member of staff within the placement setting) and a practice educator (an Occupational Therapist) who uses a long-arm supervision model to support the student. On these placements the student will meet formally on a weekly basis with the practice educator and it would be expected that for some of this time on the on-site supervisor would also be present.
Supervision should be recorded on the supervision form.


Students undertaking community based placements are permitted to complete visits independently where local Organisation policy supports this.
Students should only complete visits where they have been deemed to have the practice competencies and that the intended purpose of the visit is within the students’ scope of practice. The community working checklist should be completed and filed within notes prior to a visit being undertaken.