Social Networking

Used properly, social networking sites such as Facebook are a great way to find old friends, join interest groups and share information. However, students should remember that anything posted on a social networking site is in the public domain, even on groups which are perceived to be private. Professional behaviour should be demonstrated at all times when using social media.

What may be considered to be letting off steam about a situation at work can potentially be read by someone who may take offence at the content of a posting and could result in a formal complaint against the student and subsequent disciplinary processes being actioned. See UCLan Regulations for the conduct of students

Students should not send or accept any friend requests from patients/clients or relatives and should not make contact with staff in placement settings using social media. Professional methods of communication should be used at all times.

All students are strongly advised to adhere to the advice of their respective regulatory and professional bodies with regard to the use of social networking;

NMC (2016) Guidance on using social media responsibly

HCPC (2016) Social Networking examples

CSP (2014) Social Media Guidance for CSP Members

College of Paramedics (2015) Social Media User Guidance – Members