Sickness and absence from placement is reported by students and placement partner staff and managed by WBLT following the process outlined here: Pre-reg sickness & absence process

If a student is sick/absent the student must contact the placement (before the shift commences) on the first day and inform WBLT by completing the online form Student Sickness/Absence reporting - First Day

For illness that lasts 4 -7 days, students will need to complete a Self-Certification form

For illness that lasts 8 days or more students will need to provide a sick note from the GP and hand it in to WBLT/Brook Hub (BB204) as soon as possible.

Students are responsible for informing the WBLT team when they student are fit to return to placement so that the student record is accurate by completing the Student return from absence confirmation form

Placement partners should also inform WBLT when students are off sick or fail to report for placement Practice - Student Sickness/Absence reporting – first day and on a student’s return from absence Practice – Student sickness/absence reporting – return from absence to enable the appropriate support to be offered to both the student and the placement area.