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Recording Practice Hours

In order to fulfil programme requirements students must keep an accurate record of placement hours and have this confirmed by the placement staff.
In the majority of cases this is by completion of an online timesheet. This must be completed DAILY and confirmed by electronic 'signature' by mentor/placement manager WEEKLY to clarify that the necessary practice hours have been undertaken.

Students will receive regular email notifications if timesheets are not being completed regularly and should be aware that none completion beyond ten days for students on bursaried routes may result in the University informing NHS bursaries that the student have left the programme.

The student timesheet will automatically be downloaded by WBLTeam on completion of the placement and student records updated with this information.

Note – when calculating hours worked – the student must exclude any breaks in excess of 30 minutes. meal breaks:

Shift 0830-1630 (8 hours) – 30 mins lunch = 7.5 hours
0800-2000 (12 hours) – 2 x 30 min breaks =11 hours
0800-2000 (12 hours) – 1 x 30 min break, 2 x 15 min break (NOT deducted) =11.5 hours

Students should record their practice hours using the following ‘day types’ shown on the online timesheet

P (Practice) used to record practice hours when students are in placement delivering care
DO Day Off used to record rostered days off or where students are attending timetabled University days. These hours are recorded as theory hours and therefore should not be recorded on the timesheet
A Absent used to record time where placement has not been attended due to sickness or any other reason

Please see further videos on how to complete your timesheet and grant temporary access to mentors for Timesheet/PAD purposes.

Granting Temporary Access

Completing Your Timesheet on Pare