Placement Change Policy

Placements will only be changed in exceptional circumstances.

Students may only request to change placement if:

  •  A family member/friend of the student is currently a patient/client in that placement
  •  The student has received treatment or is currently in receipt of treatment in that placement
  •  The student had a family member/close friend who was nursed and died in that placement
  •  The student has a relative who is a member of staff in that area

Evidence may be required to support these claims to ensure a fair and consistent approach can be implemented for all students.

A request to change placement form should be completed within 10 working days of placement notifications being published. Requests submitted after this time period will not be considered.

All student requests which meet the categories for change will be considered however there is no guarantee that an alternative placement will be available.

Click Here for Request to Change Placement Form.