Occupational Health

All students commencing Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, ODP & Paramedic placements must have Occupational health clearance prior to commencement of placement.

For apprenticeship students, employers will ensure all relevant Occupational Health checks are in place and students should follow HR guidance with this regard.

It is important that students attend all appointments with Occupational Health services to ensure that all blood screening and vaccinations can be completed before students are due to commence placement. This ensures that students are protected from infections that patients may be carrying and conversely that patients are protected from infections the student may be carrying. This is completed in accordance with Department of Health guidance.

Occupational Health clearance is an admission requirement for the programme, we may therefore suspend a student’s studies, or the student could be asked to leave the course if compliance with this requirement is not met.

If a student fails to attend an appointment without informing Occupational Health in advance in compliance with their cancellation policy, a charge of £40 will be issued.

Occupational Health Process

Students will receive an email giving log in details for the ‘Wellbeing Partners’ web site and access to the online health assessment form.
Students should complete the online health assessment form as soon as possible, upload relevant scanned documentation such as immunisations and vaccination dates. Students are responsible for any fees requested by the GP for provision of immunisation information. Where an invite to a pre-induction event is received students should complete this form by the date noted on the invite to allow screening to take place at the event and to avoid unnecessary travel and expense.

Accessing the online health questionnaire

Students may also be called for an appointment with an Occupational Health nurse at either - Royal Preston Hospital, Wigan Investment Centre or Musgrave House – Royal Bolton Hospital.

Once all screening has been completed the Occupational health service confirms clearance to the work-based learning team.

If a student has never been vaccinated for Tuberculosis the student would normally receive TB vaccine prior to going on placement but there is currently a national shortage of the vaccine and the Department of Health have revised their guidance regarding the administration of this vaccine. We have been advised by our Occupational Health Consultant that there is currently a low risk of contracting Tuberculosis in the United Kingdom. If a student encounters Tuberculosis or develop any symptoms of the infection they should follow the guidance given by local Occupational Health departments. Students can read more about this here:

Guidance on BCG Vaccination for students

Agreements made with placement providers stipulate that University approved clearances are honoured within practice settings. However, if a student elects to complete placements beyond those with formalised agreements, repeat DBS screening may be required. Students would be personally liable for any charges associated with this.

Changes to Health

Occupational health clearances last for the duration of the programme however, students MUST declare any changes to good health, good character and fitness to practise status annually during the enrolment process or at any stage during the programme when changes in status occur.
In some instances, this may then trigger referral to Occupational health or instigation of fitness to study proceedings.

Fitness To Study Procedure

Any failure to disclose changes to good health or character may result in students being subject to fitness to practise proceedings.

Fitness To Practise Procedure