Night duty

On certain programmes of study, students are expected to work night duty shifts to fulfil regulatory body/professional body requirements of experiencing 24 hour/7 day health & social care.

There are a variety of ways to complete night duty experience. The student may be allocated a specific night duty placement by the work-based learning team to utilise available placement capacity or, the student may be scheduled to complete night duty as part of their whole placement experience to mirror the scheduling experience of employed staff members.

Formal Twilight shifts (from 9pm) can also count towards the student night duty hours. Please note that normal late shift hours finishing after 9pm cannot be used for this purpose.

Night duty should be clearly recorded in the student online timesheet.

It is advisable to ensure any Night duty requirements are completed before the final placement of the programme of study as the work-based learning team cannot guarantee placement in a service where 24/7 delivery of care is available.