Assessment in Practice

All Practice Based Learning assessment forms are completed online and can be accessed via this link:

Students are reminded of the importance of completing the health and safety/induction checklists to ensure they are complaint with the requirements of the Health & Safety Act (1974). If any student has concerns with regard to health and safety or feels they have not received enough information, the Work Based Learning Team must be contacted immediately. A paper example of the health and safety form can be viewed here for information only. This MUST be completed as part of the online assessment document.

Students must pass all placements in order to pass the course. Failure of a placement means that the student must undertake the full placement again, usually at a different location. It is important that Clinical/Practice Educators do not pass a student if they feel that they should fail. It is the role of the visiting tutor to support Clinical/Practice Educators to make this decision and discuss this with the student. Where a student fails a practice placement, these hours will be removed from the student record and are not included in the calculation of the minimum 1000 clinical hours. If a student fails a placement due to unprofessional behaviour they will be withdrawn from the programme.

In order to maximise the potential for the student to pass each placement it is important that poor performance by the student is identified and communicated as soon as possible. This may be before the midway assessment. This allows for reasons for poor performance to be discussed with the student and an action plan developed, showing them the areas in which they need to improve in order to pass the placement. Records of discussions should be maintained as part of the supervision record.

Clinical/Practice Educators should be familiar with the criteria on which the student is being assessed at each level, and use these to determine whether a student is not performing to a satisfactory level.

In addition to the specific assessment criteria found in the assessment documents at each level, cpractice educators may be concerned about a student’s professional conduct. Students registered on the MSc (Pre Registration) Occupational Therapy programme are assessed using the Guidance on conduct and ethics for students (HCPC, 2016)  and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (RCOT)   Students are therefore expected to act in accordance with these rules at all times, including when they are in University. If a Practice Educator does not think that a student is behaving in line with these rules, this should be raised with the student and visiting tutor. The University should be contacted as soon as an issue arises, to enable us to offer prompt support. We aim to provide an onsite visit within 24 hours where possible. Concerns should be documented in the online assessment document.
Furthermore, failure to comply with the Rules may result in application of the University Fitness to Practise Procedure.