Negotiated Placements

MSc Physiotherapy

The final PBL placement on the MSc (Pre-registration) Physiotherapy programme is a student arranged negotiated placement. In order to identify an appropriate placement setting and area, students should consider their future employability and the range of skills and experiences they have gained throughout their PBL experiences to date. Students should normally develop a portfolio of PBL placement experience in Acute, Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal and Community settings.

If students already have PBL experience from all these settings, students can use the information given in Table 1 (page 2) to identify the PBL parameters they should seek to include in their negotiated PBL placement.

If PBL experience has been gained and autonomous practice demonstrated in all the different aspects of practice, students may organise the negotiated PBL placement in an area of personal interest. However, students are not permitted to repeat a placement, but the negotiated PBL placement may be completed on the same site as a previous PBL experience. The student’s personal tutor will be able to give advice.

As this is a negotiated placement students must communicate with and consult their personal tutor when organising it. If the student arranges the negotiated PBL placement without this negotiation, and the student’s overall PBL profile consequently does not map adequately with requirements, the student will not be allowed to complete the negotiated PBL placement as this may affect the ability to meet the programme learning outcomes and HCPC standards.

Arranging the negotiated placement

It is the student’s responsibility to organise the negotiated PBL placement and this will involve making contact with Physiotherapy teams. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to network and gain confidence in approaching potential employers. Any approach should be professional and include reference to why the student is seeking to undertake a PBL placement at this particular site. Students should be mindful that approaching multiple sites is discouraged as the work that is generated in trying to organise a placement is considerable and rejecting a placement as another has been sourced elsewhere is highly unprofessional.

Where and When does the placement run?

The negotiated PBL placement is for a period of five consecutive weeks any time after the end of Semester 2 in Year 2, and must be completed by the end of Week 1 in Semester 3 of Year 2. It can take place within the UK or abroad, and if the student chooses to complete it abroad or outside the North-West region where PBL placements contracts are established, the student must liaise with the Clinical Placement Coordinators to ensure that appropriate documentation is completed.

The negotiated PBL placement is graded in the same way as PBL Blocks 1-4 and is subject to the same rules as these. Clinical Educators should have completed a Clinical Educator course (this does not have to be with UCLan) and have in place processes with regard to ensuring a supportive learning environment and having high standards regarding health and safety.

Once the negotiated PBL placement has been confirmed, the student needs to:

  • Send the Physiotherapy Negotiated Placements Educator Information to the Clinical Educator, in order for them to complete the placement documentation. These forms are crucial in ensuring a clear audit trail with regard to the suitability of placements and to ensure University insurance is activated for the placement.

If this form is NOT completed the student will not be allowed to go on the negotiated PBL placement.


My placement is not in this region, will the educators be familiar with the assessment document?

  • To ensure parity of assessment across all negotiated placement sites, Clinical Educators from outside of the North West region will be asked to complete a short update on our assessment processes which is available via the Negotiated Placements Educator Information [Link to page] page. This will be in the form of an online learning resource.

Will I receive Visiting Tutor support for the placement?

  • As this is the final placement before graduation, a Visiting Tutor is not allocated for the placement. However, support for the student or the Clinical Educator can be accessed via the email, and support can be arranged as appropriate (site visit, email, phone, skype).

Physiotherapy Negotiated Placements Educator Information

Thank you for agreeing to support a UCLan Physiotherapy student on clinical placement.
Students all have Public Liability insurance in place as part of University policies and Professional and Public liability through their student membership of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. This applies only where students have adequate supervision in place from a relevant professional. Therefore it is important that students are not asked to complete any tasks outside of the supervisor’s scope of practice. You are advised to inform your insurance company that you are providing placements to students. We have never received report of this incurring a cost.

In order to ensure we maintain accurate records of all placements, please could you complete the following information on the online form to allow us to keep accurate record of placement experiences and ensure placements are compliant with Quality Assurance requirements.

As this is the students’ final placement before graduation face to face visiting is not provided unless specifically requested in response to an issue on placement. If during the placement you need to discuss progress/ seek support, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Physiotherapy Negotiated Placement Forms can be accessed via this link: