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Work Based Learning Team

The Work Based Learning Team (WBLT) works in partnership with placement partners across the North West of England. Every placement allocated is quality audited on a regular basis to ensure learning outcomes of relevant programmes can be achieved and valuable learning opportunities that meet the requirements of relevant regulatory & statutory bodies are offered.

The team works with programme teams to ensure that students gain experience that reflects the ever-changing demands of their individual profession/career to ensure students can develop as adaptable and flexible practitioners fit for practice at the time of graduation.

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The Work Based Learning Team is made up of a range of staff who work together to deliver our Mission statement, coordinated by the Academic Lead for Work Based Learning and consists of two teams.

The administrative team work closely with programmes teams and practice to:

  • arrange placements which meet quality assurance standards

  • allocate placements to enable students/learners to benefit from a range of experiences allowing them opportunity to develop competence in the achievement of programme learning outcomes

  • monitor the completion of Mandatory requirements including Core skills, DBS and Occupational health screening

  • arrange uniform fitting and delivery

The academic team focus on the development of both regional and local policy and processes to develop work-based learning experiences for our students/learners in terms of student experience, capacity and quality of placements. Additionally, the team works to provide a framework of support for programme teams to enable students/learners to maximise learning from work-based experiences.

WBLT Mission Statement

“The Work Based Learning Team aims to enable students to fulfil their potential as members of the future workforce by providing a framework of support for programme teams to realise this potential, whilst working with partners to coordinate high quality placement experience.”

The following values underpin and influence the approach taken in all business interactions undertaken by the team:

  • Commitment to effective communication

  • Respect

  • Teamwork

  • Partnership

  • Excellence

  • Openness

The Work Based Learning Team should be the first point of contact for all work based learning related enquiries. The administrative team is located in Brook Hub in BB204 and can be contacted on or by phone 01772 891992 or 891993.
These details should be used as the primary point of contact as they are continually monitored during business hours.