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Incident Reporting - no student concern

An incident which occurs in practice where a student is affected, but does not call into question their competence, health status or adherence to relevant Professional Body Standards of conduct, performance and ethics should be reported to UCLan to enable appropriate support to be offered to both the student and the affected practice area as appropriate. This also enables monitoring of the quality of the placement environment to enable the University to fulfil the requirements of the Universities Quality Assurance agency and regulatory body requirements.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Safeguarding incidents

  • Abuse of power relationships with students

  • Bullying/Harassment of students

Incident Reporting process (no student concern)

Incident Report Form - no student concern

Action planning following incidents where there is no student concern

An Action Plan will be drawn up where monitoring is indicated in the case of incidents which may be as the result of institutional practice and enhanced support from the University is indicated.

The Plan should include:

Detail regarding the incident

Actions to be carried out by Practice/UCLan staff (Mentor, PEF, Link Lecturer, Academic Advisor), e.g.:

  • Additional Training needs

  • Enhanced support from the University

  • Reduction of placement capacity

  • Temporary closure of a placement area

Details of timescales for implementation of action planning.

Details of monitoring arrangements and timescale for completion of plan:

  • It should be stated how often and by whom the plan must be monitored, and when the plan should be 'signed off' by the Link Lecturer as having been completed