Expense Claims for Additional Placement Costs


Please note until further notice all expense claims will be submitted electronically via email to punit@uclan.ac.uk

Please ensure you email all evidence with the claim such as receipts so that we can process them without delay. This applies to both SBA and LSF claim types. I am currently awaiting guidance for Paramedic claims.

Please attach all claims as PDF files to the email and not images within the body of the email for audit purposes.

This guidance is subject to change during this fluid situation so please check back from time to time.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.



Students on some programmes may be eligible for support with placement expenses. Details of the different schemes available are below.

Where students are completing electives or alternative placements that they have chosen to complete outside of the normal placement boundary, expense claims are not permitted as completion of this activity is a choice and not a core requirement of the programme.

Apprenticeship students should follow the guidance of their employer regarding eligibility for expense claims.

All Placement Expenses claim forms must be handed into Brook Hub (Brook BB204) for initial processing. The claim form will be checked for accuracy / discrepancies before being signed and forwarding to the NHS Student Bursaries Unit for processing.

Please note it is the students' responsibility to ensure the correct form is submitted.
ALL claims must include a copy of the student cover sheet and a PDF copy of the placement timesheet to facilitate processing. Any forms submitted without these will be rejected.

Once travel forms have been processed by the WBLT team a note will be added to Starfish to allow students to keep track of travel claims.

Note: The student must use the cheapest form of transport available for the student journeys – the student must keep all receipts (i.e. bus or train tickets) and attach these to the student claim form. The student must use google maps and can only claim mileage for the shortest route, even if the student choose to use a different route.

If students are having difficulty in meeting travel/accommodation costs ‘up front’ the University operates a Short Term Loan assistance scheme which students may wish to apply for to cover the cost of the travel. Once bursary claims have been completed this loan can then be paid back directly.

Students are reminded that submitting claims containing inaccuracies such as claims for days when placement not attended, calculation of travel routes incorrectly (i.e. not using the shortest distance for both home to University and home to placement travel) constitutes fraud. Where activity of this nature is highlighted as part of our authorisation process, students will be referred to programme teams for disciplinary action and potential fitness to practise investigation.

For students on bursaried health programmes commenced prior to August 2017

Students in receipt of NHS Bursaries may be eligible to claim travel/accommodation costs, providing the cost of travelling to and from placement is IN EXCESS of the student normal daily travel costs between the student term-time address and place of study. If student are eligible to claim mileage the student may also claim the cost of car parking at the placement site.
Full guidance regarding travel/accommodation expense claims can be found at:
Travel/Accommodation expense claim guidance

For students on health programmes commencing after 1st August 2017

Students starting a new nursing, midwifery or Allied Health Professional course on or after 1 August 2017 may be eligible to apply for financial support from the Learning Support Fund (LSF). This offers support for:

• Students with at least one dependent child (Child Dependants Allowance)
• Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses for a placement
• Students experiencing extreme financial hardship (Exceptional Support Fund)

Full guidance regarding travel/accommodation expense claims can be found at:
Learning support fund guidance.


Students who are eligible for either an NHS bursary (pre August 2017 start) or Learning Support Fund (post August 2017 start) who find it difficult to travel to placements may be able to stay in temporary accommodation and claim costs towards this.
This MUST be agreed in advance with the student’s Course Leader or Academic Lead for Work Based Learning and students will be expected to provide written evidence of this approval with their claim form. Any claims submitted for processing which do not have written permission from the Course Leader or Academic Lead for Work Based Learning will be automatically rejected.

Students should carefully note the limits of financial support for accommodation including the upper limit of allowances. AirBnB is classed as private rental and students should note this when booking as private and commercial accommodation differ.

Before you start - applying for accommodation

When you apply for accommodation check your options carefully. Many accommodation providers, including UCLan accommodation have different length contracts. Choose the options on your application form carefully and make sure the dates are appropriate for your course dates including any scheduled placements. There is lots of information about UCLan accommodation on our webpages at:

Extending Accommodation

Some accommodation providers have set contract length, but most will allow you to stay for longer than the end date of the contract. Ask your landlord, or the manager of your hall of residence, about extensions in good time, usually 1-2 months before the end of your contract. It is worth noting that sometimes you might need to move rooms. NHS bursaries will not provide reimbursement of accommodation costs for extended contracts as finance is calculated on the length of your programme of study and is therefore considered when financial support is agreed.

If your landlord cannot allow you to extend please contact the Student Accommodation Services for assistance. They will be able to outline available options including our own halls of residence (subject to availability).

UCLan Accommodation

If you have a contract within UCLan halls you can see your occupancy dates by logging into www.uclan.ac.uk/livingatuclan and clicking on Summary in the top menu. If you need any advice or assistance with UCLan halls please contact StudentAccommodation@uclan.ac.uk