Placement Evaluation

All students accessing placements associated with Regulated health professions are asked to complete a post-placement evaluation on completion of their experience. Students are automatically allocated to a placement area on the onlinepare system.

Named academics are assigned to their identified practice link areas on the onlinepare system and review the information provided by students alongside PEFs and placement area leads. The information provided by students’ assists Named Academics in working with placement teams & PEFs in identifying areas of good practice, identifying areas for development and inputting and monitoring action plans to improve learning experiences.

Any areas of immediate concern or threat to provision are reported to the AL-WBL. Where a reduction in capacity is required to facilitate quality is reported to the Placement Learning Support Unit.

Students are reminded that if they have concerns regarding care or a placement experience, they should not wait to complete the P@RE to raise this and should seek the support of placement/University teams. No names should be provided on the P@RE documentation and will be removed where included.