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Data Protection

Students within the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing complete significant periods of experience within placement settings. As a result, it is important that some information is shared with placement partners and for some programmes onto external platforms (web or cloud based) to enable us to meet the requirements of both Regulatory bodies and our placement partners. The following details what information is shared, with whom and for what purpose. At each enrolment students are prompted to give permission for each element of information shared.

Where external platforms are used, the information shared and subsequently stored is on EU based servers to ensure compliance with EU Data Protection legislation and assurance has been provided by partners of the security of these systems.

All Students:

Names and UCLan email addresses are shared for the purposes of contact regarding placement and the sharing of information regarding internal training events which may be of interest.

Where a requirement of placement partners, students will be forwarded a link to the DBS website to commence DBS process. Staff cannot access full information regarding students on this site as detailed in the DBS section of this handbook.

Health Students:

Names, email addresses, programmes and year of study are provided to E Learn for Health to allow accounts to be created on the online platform for completion of annual core skills training. These accounts are accessed by work-based learning team administrative staff and year/course leaders to monitor completion of core skills training.

Names, email addresses and placement information are shared with onlinep@re to allow creation of online assessment documents (where applicable), online timesheets (where applicable) and placement evaluation records linked to the placement area. The information shared on this platform is restricted to different user groups.

All students on Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Paramedic, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Operating Department Practitioner programmes also have their names, dates of birth and UCLan email address added to the Wellbeing partners online platform for activation of Occupational health assessment. The information uploaded by students is only shared with Wellbeing partners with UCLan staff having no access. Any advisory notes following Occupational health assessment are accessed by the Academic Lead for Work Based Learning, with academic advisors being prompted to discuss reasonable adjustments directly with students to ensure students remain in control of the level of information shared. Any students who have clinical areas which cannot be worked in for health reasons are noted in the administrative records however the reasons for this are not communicated beyond Occupational Health.

In line with Data protection legislation students may ‘opt out’ of data sharing at any point and should contact Brook Hub to discuss this with the relevant programme team. It should be noted that where legitimate cause is established for sharing of information, particularly from a safety/governance perspective opting out of information sharing may not always be possible. These cases will be discussed on an individual basis.