Core Skills

Prior to commencing placement, students MUST undertake Mandatory training. This will differ across programmes and is based on placement partner requirements to meet their minimum health and safety standards.

For those students completing health based programmes, in line with local trusts and all North West Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Mandatory training is delivered using a common online training platform ‘E Learn for Health’ (ELfH). E Learn for Health.

Apprenticeship students may be required to undertake mandatory training again on commencing their new role to fulfil HR requirements and should be guided by their employers. The process described below does not apply.

Once all students have enrolled, WBLT staff send student details to ELfH to create accounts for each student. An email is then generated requesting students to complete the enrolment process to ELfH. Once students have set up their core skills account they will be able to complete the learning packages. In order to pass each package, students will need to view ALL slides in each package AND pass the assessment associated with that learning package. Once completed students will see a green icon next to the package. Where any slides have not been viewed and/or the assessment has not been passed students will see a red icon highlighting that they have outstanding work to complete in this section.

Students must complete these packages using the log in details provided via their University email accounts. Existing accounts with ELfH cannot be accessed by our team and we are therefore unable to monitor completion.

First year students will be required to complete 14 learning packages in order to pass core skills requirements and be able to commence placement. These are:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

  • Fire Safety

  • Health, Safety & Welfare

  • Infection Prevention & Control (Levels 1 & 2)

  • Moving & Handling

  • Resuscitation Adult

  • Resuscitation – Paediatric

  • Information Governance

  • Safeguarding Adults

  • Safeguarding Children (Levels 1 & 2)

  • Prevent training

Final year students will repeat all core skills packages as detailed in the first year to ensure graduates are up to date with core skills on commencing their first post in practice.

Students not in first or final years will be required to complete the following core skills packages:

  • Resuscitation Adult

  • Resuscitation – Paediatric

  • Infection Prevention & Control (Levels 1 & 2)

  • Moving & Handling

Students will additionally receive practical Mandatory training sessions as appropriate to their programme of study.

Prior to a first placement experience or if a student changes NHS Trusts the student may also be required to attend a compulsory corporate induction session. These sessions may be delivered at either UCLan or on placement premises. These vary across professions and students will be informed during taught sessions if & when they need to attend these sessions. Attendance at these sessions is COMPULSORY to comply with placement provider governance requirements.