Clinical Educators

In order to take students within clinical practice as the named Clinical Educator, clinicians are required to undertake clinical education training which will look at both the educator and students roles and expectations, an overview of the course structure, teaching and learning styles, assessment processes and problem solving.

These are predominantly run by universities linking in to trusts. Clinical Educators are required to undertake an update course every five years so that they are updated with changes within the university as well as updating their skills. In addition, Clinical Educators will be updated during placement visits.

Any queries regarding Clinical Educator courses should be directed to where one of the placement coordinators will be able to assist. These courses are run throughout the year and there is no charge.

Within the placement the students can be “shared” by more than one Clinical Educator or team if appropriate which will help to give the student a wider understanding of the placement area. Within the placement the student requires a named Clinical Educator who completes their documentation and will help manage the placement.

Clinical educator update days are half-day events either at the University of Central Lancashire or can be arranged in practice if required. Please contact for further information.