All placements (including elective and contemporary) are audited prior to first use and subsequently on a minimum 18 monthly basis, with audit due dates monitored by the PLSU admin team.

Placements associated with Health programmes which are accessed in order to fulfil the requirements of regulated professions are audited using the North West Learning Environment Educational Audit tool following the guidance notes supporting the document. This enable the University to assure themselves that each learning environment is able to provide an experience which meets Regulatory/Professional body requirements and allows learning outcomes to be achieved and assessed in line with Quality Assurance Agency requirements.


Audit Guidance and Mapping

Learning Environment Profile Proforma

Programmes which are not approved by Regulatory bodies which have placement activity embedded within them are audited using programme specific audit tools which ensure the University is able to assure that a placement is able to provide experiences which enable students to meet associated learning outcomes, provide a quality assured assessment process and meet all minimum statutory requirements.