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Additional placement hours

If a student has not accrued sufficient placement hours to meet Regulatory/Professional body/ programme requirements (i.e. if hours have not been accrued due to sickness or absence) students are required to complete additional placement hours in order to fulfil minimum requirements to apply for registration/membership.

The work based learning team monitor placement hours and will alert students when additional placement time is required in order to meet these requirements. Students are reminded that monitoring placement hours is a shared responsibility and where opportunities to accrue hours have been missed students are permitted to be proactive and may arrange additional shifts within allocated placement time totalling up to 37.5 hours over the duration of a placement.

Additional placement hours in excess of 37.5 hours will be arranged by the work based learning team during student holiday periods and students should be aware that they must be flexible and attend placement at the dates/times when our practice partners have been able to accommodate this extra requirement.

Under no circumstances should students arrange additional practice hours during theory periods or breech employer policy and/or EU directives related to maximum hours which may lead to putting patient quality and safety of care in jeopardy.

Please note that additional practice hours do not cancel out sickness/absence days – these will remain on the student record and will be used to inform future employment references.