Graduation September 2021: Your questions answered

Ceremony Dates/times

We will soon have specific dates for Schools/courses, but not times. We will be contacting our 2020 alumni and potential July 21 graduates to ask them to book to attend that day. We will then contact those who have booked with specific ceremony details.

I was awarded in February 2021 can I come to the July 2021 ceremony?

Yes, you would normally have been invited to attend the ceremonies in July 21 so you will be included in September 2021 ceremonies instead.

I am due to Graduate in July this year, can I come to the July 2021 ceremony?

Yes, those who would normally have been eligible to attend the ceremonies in July 2021 will be able to attend in September 2021 together with those who should have graduated in 2020.

What if I’ve not been awarded by July publication date, 5 July 2021?

As usual, students who have not been awarded by the start of July will be invited to the next ceremony after they have graduated – the next one is scheduled for December 2021.

How do I book a cap and gown?

When we confirm which Schools/Courses are attending which ceremonies we will contact those students who have booked to provide further information about how to book their cap and gown as well as information about how to arrange official photography on their graduation day.

I’m not going to attend a ceremony - how will I get my certificate and transcript?

Following completion of your course, all award documents will be posted to the permanent (home) address detailed on our records, so please ensure that your full legal name and your permanent address details are always current and correct.

Graduation Tickets and Seating

Tickets are free of charge and include a complimentary drink per graduand and guest, you can apply for up to 2 guests tickets. Children under the age of 2 do not require tickets and may sit on an adult's lap, not on a seat. Children aged 2 and over require a guest ticket for entry to the ceremony.

Graduation Disability Arrangements

When you book to attend your ceremony you will be asked about the support you or your guests might require so we can do our best to support your party at your graduation ceremony. If you require further advice while you are completing your booking please email

What about Covid-19 ?

Due to the pandemic, we may have to put additional measures in place to ensure the safe access of graduands and guests to campus. We don’t know what they might be but they could include social distancing, wearing of face coverings (for those not exempt), the use of hand washing/sanitisation facilities and covid-19 testing prior to the event. If we do have to put essential measures in place for everyone’s safety, all guest and graduands will be expected to follow them. Non-compliance with Covid-19 Safety measures may result in you and your guests being asked to leave the event.

Graduation venue and travel options

Please visit our venue and travel page.

What if I have booked but the ceremony can’t go ahead?

Please see the cancellation policy section of our Terms and Conditions.

I want to invite friends/family from outside the UK to my graduation what do I do?

 If you wish to invite friends and family from outside the UK to your graduation ceremony please visit our International webpage to see what they will need to support their visa application.

My student visa will have expired by the time of my graduation – how can I attend?

If your student visa has expired and you will be living outside the UK in September and wish to return with family or friends to attend your graduation you may need to apply for a visitor visa to return to the UK. You will need your invitation email for your application and can find more information about the application process here: You may require your invitation email when you apply.

Where should students go for further information?

The UCLan graduation team is happy to answer any queries if you email or call 01772 891828.


You can read our Graduation Terms and Conditions here.