Graduation July 2019: Your questions answered

Why has the University taken this decision to relocate its graduation ceremonies?

Our key priority is to ensure you have a fantastic graduation day and celebrate your achievements with your parents and loved ones.
With the immediate future of Preston Guild Hall currently remaining uncertain, and with less than four weeks to go to your big day, we have decided to act now.

Why have you chosen to relocate the ceremonies to your sports centre?

We felt that holding the ceremonies at the University was the most logical choice. As a UCLan student you are of course familiar with the campus and as well as the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre we can utilise other buildings and facilities including Foster building and the new Engineering Innovation Centre for registration, gowning, photography and hospitality.
Logistically, the prospect of moving you and thousands of others like you to multiple venues in unfamiliar locations was a non-starter for us and certainly wouldn’t have been a good experience for you.
Please be reassured, we fully understand the importance of Graduation to you and your family and friends and we are pulling out all the stops to make sure your graduation a happy and memorable day.

Will you be changing any of the graduation ceremony dates?

No, all ceremonies will take place on the days originally specified. The only difference is that we will hold up to four ceremonies a day as opposed to two previously.
We fully understand that many of you will travel and make significant arrangements to be present for this happy and memorable day and so we are being as accommodating as possible.

When will my ceremony take place?

Graduates on courses which would have been included in a 10.30am ceremony will now be awarded at 10.00 am or 12 noon on the same day.
Graduates on courses which would have been included in the 2.30pm ceremony will now be awarded at 2.00pm or 4.00pm on the same day.
Find a list of the Schools/Courses to be awarded at each event

Is a Sports Centre a fitting place to hold a graduation ceremony?

The Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre has the size we need in order to issue the same number of tickets as we would have at the Guild Hall and we will have live streaming of the event in the adjacent buildings. There is no other venue in Preston which could accommodate a graduation ceremony consisting of 4000 graduating students, parent and friends as well as all the other facilities we need to ensure the smooth running of such an important day and we are mobilising staff from across the University to support proceedings and assist our graduates and guests.
On the day of your Graduation we will have transformed Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre into a venue which befits our graduation ceremonies. The venue will be carpeted and dressed, we will install a graduation stage, install bespoke lighting and large overhead viewing screens.

Will you be able to accommodate all those who wish to attend?

We have the capacity to welcome 4000 students and guests to the campus for each day of the ceremonies which is the same capacity we previously enjoyed at the Guild Hall. In addition, we will be live streaming the event in two further locations on campus, so no one will miss out.

Where should students go for further information?

The UCLan graduation team is happy to answer any queries on 01772 892447 or email: