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Extensions and Mitigating Circumstances

During your studies you may have serious personal, medical or family problems that are outside your control and are affecting your ability to perform in an assessment/examination to your full potential or to complete an assignment by the set deadline. If you believe that this is happening to you, then it is your responsibility to let your School know as soon as possible.

Where this occurs the University will provide appropriate support and, depending on the nature of the problem, you can apply for an Extension to an assignment submission date and/or apply for Mitigating Circumstances (MCs) to be taken into account.



Where you have a temporary unexpected circumstance that means you are unable to complete a particular assignment on time you may apply for an extension FOR UP TO 10 WORKING DAYS.

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Mitigating Circumstances

Some students face significant unplanned and unforeseen events in their personal life that occur after their course has started, which have a greater impact on their studies than can be solved by the use of an extension. If this applies to you, the University is ready to support you both with regard to your course and your personal wellbeing through a process called Mitigating Circumstances.

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