Where you have a temporary unexpected circumstance that means you are unable to complete a particular assignment on time you may apply for an extension FOR UP TO 10 WORKING DAYS.
Examples of unexpected circumstances may include short-term illness, caring for a sick relative or unexpected personal difficulties. You should complete and submit an extension request form (below) to your School.
You do not need to provide evidence to support your request for an extension but you do need to include:

1) a clear statement about what has happened;
2) information about how this has affected you;
3) the number of additional days requested to enable you to complete the assignment.

You must submit the request before the submission date. Extensions cannot be given retrospectively. You will be told whether the extension has been granted and advised of the new submission date, normally within one working day of your request. If your request is refused you must complete your assignment by the original submission date.

Extension Request Form

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