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StudySwitch - Evolving your Academic Skills

As you start to consider how you can adapt and translate your previous college or workplace experiences to university, you may be starting to ask the question, will it be enough? Over the course of your first year there are lots of things you are expected to do which may be new such as: critical thinking; presenting in front of peers and experts; researching and references.

Part of the university learning experience is a sense of self exploration and creating meaning for you in your chosen subject area, but we know you may need some support. Library and Information Services have created a series of resources and activities focusing on academic skills throughout the academic life. We’re here to support you by providing insight and inspiration into study processes to help you succeed at university.

In your first part of the year there are some core resources and workshop sessions available to you, which should be essential to your first year experience. We would consider these a really smart investment of your time; by becoming comfortable with these fundamentals you will build confidence in your academic abilities which in turn will help you to become more insightful when working on your wider portfolio of work.

What should I know before I start studying?

At this stage we want you to think about the skills you have, rather than worry about what you don’t have experience of. As you progress through your first year, you will start to notice that there are sessions that complement where you are in your development.
As an initial starting point, it would be useful to read the following two resources before you start your classes with us:

Semester One Essentials

In September the delivery of your course will be a blend of virtual and face to face delivery. To help you get up to speed we have created a module on how to become an effective online learner, which you can access on Blackboard during Welcome Week.