Free-Choice Electives

What are Electives?

The majority of Degree and Diploma students will have to incorporate into their programmes of study an element of free-choice learning described as an elective. The primary purpose of the Elective is to enable students to develop skills such as a language or acquire knowledge outside their main areas of study, and to provide additional flexibility to students who wish to change their study programme after entry to the University. For some courses the choice of Elective is restricted and you will be informed of this at your Course Briefing or Induction Event. 

Free Choice Elective Registration

You are able to register for Free Choice Electives, by using the Online Registration Tool.  This is accessed via MyUCLan, by selecting Services for Students and clicking Online Elective Registration.

Start of Teaching

In Semester One Elective teaching can start either the first week of teaching or the following week. If the Elective module you have registered starts in the first week of teaching you should, as an Elective student, be able to join the class the following week if you have not registered your Elective by the start of teaching. Semester Two modules should start at the beginning of teaching for Semester Two.