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Student Complaints

The University of Central Lancashire is committed to providing high quality education and other services to its students and clients. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment including academic, wellbeing and recreational services and to be responsive to concerns when they are raised.

Feedback from students and clients is welcomed as part of the University’s approach to the development and enhancement of the quality of its services. There are many local routes whereby concerns and issues can be raised and addressed and you are encouraged to make full use of these routes. In particular, students should ensure that they are familiar with the quality assurance procedures that exist within academic departments and are described within Student Handbooks.

The University does, however, recognise that there may be occasions when you have cause for complaint about the service you have received, when this happens, the Complaints Procedure is intended to provide an accessible, fair and straightforward system which ensures an effective, prompt and appropriate response. 

The University aims to handle complaints in a way that:

  • encourages informal conciliation and facilitates early resolution
  • ensures a full and fair investigation
  • addresses all the points at issue and provides an effective response and appropriate redress
  • provides a prompt resolution within established timescales
  • positive actions can be taken to continuously improve services.

Students who have completed the University's internal complaints procedure will receive a completion of procedures letter. This states that if you are dissatisfied with the Stage 3 outcome you are entitled to pursue the matter further by submitting a scheme application form to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education within 3 months. You can check whether your complaint is eligible by visiting

Please send your complaint to:

Student Compliance Team
Student and Academic Support Service
Foster Building, FB104
University of Central Lancashire