Certificates & Transcripts - Current students

Issue of Certificates

Certificates are printed and distributed throughout the year normally within a 4 week period following confirmation of an award by a Programme Assessment Board.  However, at peak times due to the volume of awards, this will take longer.  The timetable is as follows:

January - May: certificates printed & mailed within 4 weeks.

June - September: certificates printed throughout August & September.  Mailing will take place September-November.

October - December: certificates printed & mailed within 4 weeks.

If you are resident in the UK or Europe, your certificate will be posted directly to your permanent home address.  If you live outside of Europe, you will receive an e-mail to tell you when your certificate is ready.  The e-mail will explain how you can obtain your certificate:

- By collecting it yourself from the University

- By nominating a friend to collect it for you

- By post


Issue of Transcripts

A Transcript lists the modules undertaken, credit value and grades achieved during each academic session of study.  The overall result obtained will also be indicated.  You will receive a transcript upon the successful completion of your programme of study.  In the meantime, you can view your module results via myUCLan.  Transcripts are posted to permanent home addresses.