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We offer you the opportunity to engage with our students and graduates by sharing your career opportunities on our portal and also on campus. We hold regular careers fairs and also welcome you into the classroom to meet students to promote your career opportunities, or maybe share knowledge about your industry or sector. We use our system to help you build your profile with potential applicants, providing an easy way for you to stay connected and in touch with UCLan.

Use our system to advertise:

• Graduate opportunities
• 48 Week Placements
• Easter and Summer Internships (2-12 Weeks)
• Part-time job opportunities

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Getting the best response to your vacancy

To help you get the best response from your vacancy, we’ve developed this guide.

The vacancy portal is self-managed by you, the employer and students/graduates see the information you provide. We recommend providing the best and fullest details you can including:

• Easy to understand job title, free from jargon or company related acronyms which may not be readily understood.
• Clear and engaging summary of the role to attract attention
• As much of the job description and person specification as can be included in 4000 characters of space
• Remuneration details, in figures. Whilst we understand that you may not wish to, the word ‘competitive’ is not clear what it is in relation to, and ‘dependent on experience’ is also unclear. A wage bracket would be more transparent. This is supported by good practice to reduce the Gender Pay Gap and the Race Disparity Audit
• A check on whether a driving licence is an essential criterion for the role or is a desirable attribute as our research has indicated that the majority of students/graduates do not hold a licence.
• Any particular terms specific to the role, eg, shipboard, that are not a standard option, are clearly indicated in the summary or main text of the role.
• The ‘occupation’ section relates to the job activity, not the subject of the student.
• Please indicate if you want to recruit from particular degree subjects or your vacancy is open to all 

If you need any additional help you might like to read our Employers User Guide

You should also make sure to read our Terms and Conditions of Use

To advertise volunteering opportunities please visit the Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership

If you are having difficulty uploading a vacancy please contact the Careers Team on: 01772 895858 or via email: