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UCLan Mentoring Online System

UCLan Mentoring is an online mentoring system that helps to facilitate matching people who want mentors (mentees) with people who would like to mentor others (mentors).

In order to use the system you have to create a profile to tell other users about yourself and decide if you want to be mentored or if you want to mentor others.

Once you have done this you are able to search for other users to be your mentor or to offer mentorship yourself. You can message users before requesting a mentoring relationship or you can find users who look like a good match for yourself and request a mentor immediately.

When a mentoring relationship is established you can continue to message each other via the platform and share a timeline together to help to create a more structured experience such as setting goals, reaching those goals and any other achievements that develop as part of your experience. Once the relationship is established you can also use any other forms of communication, such as email, outside of the mentoring system, if you chose to.