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Mentoring by Employers

Elevating Your Career Aspirations

It’s great that you are considering joining our employer mentoring programme and you are now only a few steps away from making a real impact on your future.

By linking with an employer or professional you can not only gain a valuable insight into the world of work, but you can take control of your career planning and create opportunities to develop your employability skills.

We have mentors from across a wide range of different sectors, they know what it is like to work in that industry, what the key drivers and requirements are and they have the insider knowledge which could help make you more employable. We think students from second and final years might benefit most from this programme, but involvement from all years and graduates is welcome.

Join our online and flexible programme today and see yourself:

• Develop your self-confidence;
• Raise your aspirations;
• Gain insights into different professions and sectors;
• Build up your skills;
• Plan for your future career;
• Grow your network of support and contacts.


How to Join

We are currently migrating employer mentoring to a new system which will be live in February 2019 so please do return and complete the training then.

Step 1 – Get Prepared: Complete the online training
Step 2 – Sign into the UCLan Mentoring System and read the guidance and handbook
Step 3 - Search and Select a Mentor
Step 4 – Communicate with your mentor
Step 5 – Evaluation – review your progress and feedback.

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) mentoring
Elevating Career Aspirations

After consulting with students and running some student networking events we have now developed a specialist mentoring programme linking BME students with BME professionals.

National research does recognise that particular groups, such as BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) students have poorer outcomes than other groups, despite the fact that they may achieve similar grades and have similar experiences. Research shows that having additional contacts and networks might be of benefit for progression into graduate careers. This programme aims to give students additional, support, role models and networks which may help counteract this difference in progression. You can connect with a professional from a BME background to help inspire and guide you, sharing experiences and advice.

To join this programme, follow exactly the same process described for joining the programme above, just make sure you select the additional expertise tag called ‘BME Mentee’. You can search and connect with all our BME Mentors via the expertise tag 'BME Mentor'. 

For further information or any queries email: