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UCLan's Graduate with Confidence Programme for 2020 Graduates

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UCLan Graduates

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UCLan Careers offers free *life-long access to all Careers' resources to all UCLan Graduates, so even if you don't need us right now, we will always be here for you.

Let us know what you plan to do next for a chance to win one of five, £30 Amazon vouchers.

Stay Social

An easy way to stay in touch with UCLan Careers and other UCLan graduates is to join our Facebook group by following the link below.

The Facebook group is a great place to support one another and find out about careers webinars and events.

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Graduate Webinars

Careers offer graduate webinars on a range of different topics, from CV's to sector specific skills. View the schedule and book your place now

The webinars are also recorded so they can be watched at a later date.


How might Covid-19 affect employability?

In these unprecedented times it is natural to feel anxious about how Covid-19 will affect your future employment prospects. 

There is no doubt that the Graduate Labour Market has been affected, with some employers delaying start dates and interviews, or moving assessments online. Sadly, some employers have changed their job offers or withdrawn them. 

Remember however, that you are not alone. UCLan Careers are here to support all UCLan graduates to realise, plan and achieve their aspirations. We're confident that the skills and attributes gained during your University experience will enable you to adapt in these challenging times. 

What we do know is that the Graduate Labour Market will bounce back. Despite some delays, employers are still investing in recruiting graduates into the workforce,

Contact us or book an appointment to find out how we can help


Access Support

CareerEDGE is available 24/7 to all graduates of UCLan, wherever you are in the world. 

From within CareerEDGE you can:

Upon graduation your student CareerEDGE account will convert to a graduate account. If you can no longer sign in as a student please click on the access link below and follow these instructions:

Click on the blue graduate button
Click on the 'Reset your password' link
Enter your UCLan username
Enter the personal email address that was on file at UCLan (contact us if you don't know)
Click on the blue 'Send password reset email' button
Once you have reset your password you will go straight into the system

Access CareerEDGE

To find out about all the CareerEDGE features visit: What can I do with CareerEDGE?

*Life-long: Life-time access to all CareerEDGE online resources for UCLan graduates, subject to administration approval of your graduate status. This offer may be subject to change depending upon the needs and demands of current students. UCLan Careers can amend this offer at any time at the Head of Careers' discretion.


Postgraduate Study

Of course as a graduate you may also choose to continue your studies. UCLan offers a wide range of postgraduate courses and as a UCLan award holder you may be eligible for a 20% reduction in fees.

If you want to explore whether postgraduate study is right for you then book an appointment with a Careers Adviser


Further Support

We have teamed up with Hello Grads who provide resources to help with life skills and processes to ease your transition from education to working life. Visit them for information about jobs, finance, housing and life in general, and sign up for exclusive content and offers.

Additionally, Next Step Support is a free open resource designed to support graduates in light of the Covid-19 crisis. Access trusted, specially curated content and connect with employers for talks, updates and Q&A sessions.


How to contact UCLan Careers

Ask Careers
Book an appointment
Tel: 01772 895858


Past graduates

We are a lifelong service for all UCLan Graduates, offering support face to face, via email, telephone, Teams or Skype calls, as well as a plethora of free online current resources.

How to access UCLan Careers as a past graduate

Upon graduation from UCLan your student account on the careers system will convert to a graduate account. If you can no longer sign in as a student please click on the access link below and follow these instructions:

Click on the blue 'Graduate' button
Click on the 'Reset your Password' link
Enter your UCLan username
Enter your personal email address that was on file at UCLan (contact us if you don't know)
Click on the blue 'Send password reset email' button
Once you have reset your password you will go straight into the system

Access CareerEDGE

Graduates from before July 2014

UCLan graduates before this date can still access all our support via the system but you will need to click on the access link below and follow these instructions:

Click on the 'New User?' link (towards the bottom of the sign in page)
Click on the blue 'Graduate' button
Complete the details on the graduate registration form
Click on the blue 'Register' button
We'll approve your account and you will be sent access information. We endeavour to approve your graduate account within 3 working days.

Access CareerEDGE

Career Change?

Depending on the plan you made when you graduated, you may find yourself reassessing your career plan. Sometimes plans change. It can be change that you control and decide upon or change that is out of your control and is thrust upon you.

Sometimes the destination we had in your head when you graduated is not the place you found yourself in now. You may want to get back on track with your original career ideas or have a completely new career journey you want to embark on.

Changing, exploring and evolving is natural. Please don’t feel disappointed in not achieving what you originally set out to do. It’s ok to change your goals, as life changes us, so why shouldn’t dreams adapt too?

Take your Career Pulse to start reflecting on your employability
• Where are you now? Are you a UK, EU or Overseas graduate?
• Are you looking for jobs and opportunities in your home country or a particular area?
• If you're overseas and want to return to the UK have you considered where you would work, the industry demand and Visa requirements?

What job are you looking for?
• Is it in demand?
• Are there jobs available and do you have the skills and qualifications needed?
• How to apply?
• Do you have any relevant experience in this work, or would you need to gain some?

Not sure where you want to go?
• Consider assessing your skills, undertaking the career planner and booking a careers appointment

Are you being realistic? Can you compromise on your “must haves” in job criteria? Such as salary, benefits and location?

Is it a genuine wish to change or a reaction to difficulties you are experiencing in work or life?

Always do the research on what this change would look like, would be like, cost and time and effort it would take. Often, a change in career plan will mean you start at entry level and may mean a drop-in salary. Is this affordable within your current means and circumstances.

If change is on your mind, please book an appointment with a Careers Adviser to explore your ideas and possible paths you can take to begin this new journey or identify if this is right for you at this time.

Affected by Covid-19?

Experiencing the world during this pandemic is scary enough but losing your job because of the impact of Covid-19 can be stressful and unsettling. Especially if you are supporting others and have bills to pay

Here are some ideas that may help you if you lost your job during this time:

Book an appointment with a Careers Adviser to formulate a plan to job search

Job search using CareerEDGE and set up alerts to receive suitable jobs by email, based on your preferences

Get in touch with a Recruitment Agency in the industry you have the relevant skills and experience in, to find short and long-term work

Depending on the Industry you want to work in, there will be industry specific job sites as well as the generic Job websites e.g. “Indeed.” Booking an appointment with an adviser will help you to explore jobs, transferable skills and work types, and resources to draw on that best meet your goals and needs

Could your CV be updated? Use CV360 and submit a copy for feedback

You will have undoubtedly enhanced your skills and experiences since graduating, so take time to identify your strengths and how to sell them in applications. Remember that different skills and qualities vary in different sectors and more subject orientated skills are likely to be required. Here’s some to think about:

• Communication/interpersonal skills
• Commitment
• Resilience
• Meticulous/methodical
• Attention to detail
• Compassion
• Analytical
• Persuasion
• Report writing
• Ability to work to tight deadlines or under pressure
• Effective leadership
• Team player
• Organisation
• Conscientiousness

Create or update your LinkedIn Profile. Ask previous employers and colleagues to write recommendations and endorse you to enhance your profile

Search for jobs using LinkedIn and have a go at some practice assessments

Networking: use your LinkedIn networks, previous colleagues and classmates to inform you of any jobs

Get experience and utilise your skills by volunteering whilst you apply for jobs. It may even open opportunities for you


Thinking of returning to study?

We recognise that with the economic changes afoot many people may decided to return to study to upskill, or even change their career path completely.

UCLan offers a range of postgraduate courses on a full and part-time basis. UCLan graduates may also be entitled to a 20% reduction in their tuition fees.

If you would like to explore whether postgraduate study is the right option for you then book an appointment with a Careers Adviser

Telephone: 01772 895858 / Email:

UCLan Careers - Foster Building - University of Central Lancashire Main Campus

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