Enterprising Students & Graduates

Have you got an idea for a business, project or social enterprise? Are you thinking of doing some freelance or consultancy work? If the answer is “Yes” then you need to visit us.

The Enterprising Students team provide interactive and fun opportunities to help you to become more enterprising and entrepreneurial. We will teach you the skills, capabilities and mindset to make your ideas happen.  We also offer you the experiences to succeed in self-employment, social & community enterprise or get ahead in your chosen career. Additionally, we complement the studies within your degree programme, especially where project work and business planning are relevant. 

Whatever level you’re studying at, check out what we can do for you, find out more about us, get information about resources and funding and Internships / Intrapreneurships

Develop your Ideas with Enterprising Students

Benefits of participating:

  • explore multiple ways to create income
  • recognise and capitalise upon opportunities that come your way
  • develop skills to help you get promotion at work
  • develop your skills and capabilities in the areas of enterprise, innovation, and
  • how to make a living doing what you love
  • develop your leadership skills