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Becoming an Employer Mentor

Elevating Career Aspirations

Our Employer Mentoring Programme aims to enhance the employability of UCLan students and graduates through the direct support of an employer/professional mentor.

Having a mentor could potentially help students in lots of ways, including; develop their self-confidence, raising their aspirations, gaining insights into different professions and sectors and growing their network of support and contacts.

Mentors can provide an insight in to what it is like to work in a particular industry, what the key drivers and requirements are and insider knowledge and tips which might help with job search and recruitment.

We would like to recruit mentors from as many industries and sectors as possible, also from a diverse range of backgrounds in order to reflect both our course portfolio and our student population.

The students looking for mentors are likely to be second and final year students, although there may also be UCLan graduates looking to continue to develop their career. UCLan staff can also use the system, which may allow you to build contacts to talk about knowledge transfer opportunities, links to courses or research.

As a mentor, the benefits for you could be:

• Personal satisfaction
• New perspectives
• Improved listening skills
• Feeling of ‘giving something back’
• Meeting potential recruits who may enhance your workforce
• Developing relationships with UCLan Careers and wider University


How to Join

We are currently migrating employer mentoring to a new system which will be live in February 2019 so please do return and complete the training then.

• Step 1 – Get Prepared: Complete our Online Mentor Training
• Step 2 – Register and read guidance and handbook
• Step 3 – Accept Student requests for mentoring
• Step 4 – Communicate online with your mentee
• Step 5 – Evaluation – review your mentees progress and complete our feedback survey.

BME Mentoring

After consulting with students and running some student networking events we have also developed a specialist mentoring programme linking BME students with BME professionals.

National research does recognise that particular groups, such as BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) students have poorer outcomes than other groups, despite the fact that they may achieve similar grades and have similar experiences. Research shows that having additional contacts and networks might be of benefit for progression into graduate careers. This programme aims to give students additional, support, role models and networks which may help counteract this difference in progression.

If you are a BME employer or professional and would like to joint this particular element of the mentoring programme follow exactly the same process described below, just make sure you select the additional 'expertise criteria' called ‘BME Mentoring’ which if selected in your profile choices will allow BME students to search and connect with you.


For further information or any queries email: