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Build your Course

In addition to the progression talks and guidance provided by the academic staff, if you would like to explore other ways to build your course that is just right for you, click the links below or contact Campus Admin Services who will be able to offer you further advice.

How to Build your Course    

If you would like to explore how to build a course that is just right for you, click the links below or contact your school office who will be able to offer you further advice.  View a full list of Schools and their contact details.    

Study Abroad and Exchanges

If you think you'd be interested studying abroad for a year in order to learn a language or to experience other cultures, go to the International Office Pages.

Accreditation of Prior Learning

The Accreditation of Prior Learning scheme, or APL for short, allows for students with previous academic or professional qualifications, or those who have significant vocational and experiential learning in their chosen field, to be awarded credit for specific modules. Students may sometimes even claim for their elective module, even if the learning the student has achieved elsewhere isn’t directly related to the learning outcomes of the module. There are two different method of claiming APL:

  • There’s certificated learning (APCL), which recognises the learning achieved through formal assessments, such as examinations and coursework, for which you have received an award/certificate. For example, this could be any previous higher education courses you’ve completed
  • There is also experiential learning (APEL), which is learning that has been achieved throughout work, study and life. However, it should be noted that this isn’t about experience you’ve gained, but the learning and knowledge that has been achieved from it. Simply have the experience isn’t good enough. You will evidence this learning through a portfolio.

APL is available for all undergraduate students (post graduate students have more limitations), but full time students should be mindful of the amount of modules that they claim for, as they may jeopardise their full-time status. However, accreditation of one or two modules may still be possible, but the student should organise this within the first six weeks of their course.

Making an APCL claim is free, but once again, students should be careful if they are making APEL claims:

  • For full time students there is no charge for assessing APEL claims over and above the standard course tuition fees
  • There is a service charge for APEL claims made by part-time students, payable on submission of the portfolio. This is 50% of the taught module fee, and this is non-refundable
  • Students who are awarded advanced entry on to a full time Undergraduate programme will also be charged at 50% of the taught module fee for any full year (6 modules) awards of APEL
  • Awards of APEL towards Postgraduate programmes will be charged at 50% of the module fee whether it’s a single, double or triple module

Lastly, if the qualification with which you are trying the claim APCL for is over 5 years old, you will be asked to complete a Statement of Currency Form. This purpose of this is so that “the student can confirm that they have kept up to date with advances in both theory and practice in the field.” If the qualification isn’t directly relevant to the new programme of study, then it is used to “confirm how you have maintained your learning at HE Level and higher level study and research skills since your qualification was awarded.”

Here at UCLan, we are devoted to the acknowledgement of learning, and we encourage you to contact us if you feel that the APL scheme could benefit you and would like further information:

Telephone: 01772 892419
Consult the APL documents and handbooks below.

We recognise that the APL process can be a bit confusing to some, so we’ve created some APL documents and handbooks below which explain things in further detail.

APL Documents

APCL Applicant Handbook

APCL Statement of Currency

APEL Applicant Handbook

APL Claim Form

APL Non Standard Entry Justification Form



The idea of electives is to give you the opportunity to study a module which develops skills and knowledge outside your main areas of study, and to provide additional flexibility if you wish to change your study programme after entry to the University.

Academic Calendar and Term Dates

The Academic Calendar & Term Dates page contains information regarding examination dates, assessment boards, progression, publication of results, term and semester dates.