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Attendance Monitoring

We monitor attendance as research has shown that regular attendance and academic achievement are closely linked; it is therefore important that we know you are attending regularly. By monitoring student attendance we hope to be able to identify students who need support at an early stage and address measures to help them continue their studies.

Student Attendance Monitoring is a requirement for all students. The University expects you to attend all your mandatory timetabled sessions.

Your UCLan card is used to register your attendance in class.

Most teaching rooms have electronic card readers outside, if this is one of the rooms in which your teaching event is taking place you must pass your UCLan card across the front of the electronic card reader. If your scan is successful the middle light will flash (yellow) and there will be a short beep; this records your presence in that room at that time.

If the space you are in does not have an electronic card reader, your lecturer may ask you to sign a paper register.

If you forget your card, you will be marked as absent for the session, please remember to scan at each session so that you will not be marked as absent.

Please be aware that the SAM system has robust reporting functionality which will allow attendance data to be shared with your academic advisor. You will be asked to contact your academic advisor so that support can be offered, should your attendance record give cause for concern.

The University understands that from time to time there is good reason why you cannot attend a class, and in this instance you should contact your academic tutor/advisor to make them aware.

Our primary aim is to support your studies, but we are also required to report attendance to various external bodies such as the Student Loan Company and the Home Office.  Because of this, sanctions will be in place for students who seek to falsely register either their own or fellow students’ attendance, and spot checks will be carried out during the year to identify incidents of false registration.

You can view your attendance record on Blackboard here.


Room Access Recording

Most teaching rooms will have electronic card readers usually outside the room (these rooms will be clearly identified by the sign below).

Where you see this sign, hold the card within close proximity to the reader. If your scan is successful the middle light will flash (yellow) and there will be a short beep. If the middle light does not flash and there is no beep then there may be a problem with your card. Please notify your lecturer (who will note your presence). The library helpdesk will be able to reprogram or replace your card free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Attendance Monitoring?

It is the recording of presence at a teaching event based on the students’ individual timetable.

Why does the University monitor attendance?

We monitor your attendance as research has shown that consistent attendance is closely linked to good academic performance, it is in your best interests to attend each class if you want to be successful in your studies. The University also has to report details of all student attendance to the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) and to advise the Home Office (UKVI) Border Agency when overseas students are not in attendance. It is therefore very important that we monitor student attendance across the University and the use of an electronic monitoring system based on your UCLan card helps us to do this effectively.

How does the University monitor my attendance?

The University relies on students demonstrating their attendance by registering their presence in class by swiping their UCLan card across an electronic attendance reader (usually) outside the teaching room. This records the date, time, location of your attendance which matches with your individual timetable.

What happens if the electronic readers become unavailable?

The infrastructure has been designed to be as robust as possible. The attendance readers may however become unavailable in the event of a network or power failure and in some cases your attendance may not be recorded. Academic staff will have the ability to overwrite an attendance record should this occur.

Am I expected to attend all my timetabled teaching events?

Yes, you are expected to attend all of your mandatory teaching sessions provided on your individual timetable. Research has shown that consistent attendance and good academic performance are closely linked.

Can I opt out of receiving any Attendance Monitoring correspondence?

No, the University expects all students to attend all teaching events, when correspondence is sent it is because concern has been raised regarding your attendance. The University is committed to help support students with any issues that may be impacting on their attendance as well their performance.

How do I ‘swipe’ my UCLan card?

You must present your UCLan card at the card reader (this can be from 20 minutes before the session starts). If you scan your card earlier than 20 minutes before the sessions starts your attendance will not be recorded.

How do I know my UCLan card has been registered at the attendance reader?

There will be a short beep and the middle light will flash.

What happens if I forget my UCLan card?

Students who have forgotten their UCLan cards will be marked as absent. Please remember to scan at each session so that you will not be marked as absent.

I have lost my UCLan card

All lost UCLan Cards must be replaced at the <i>, based on the Ground Floor of the Library, and will be charged a replacement cost of £10*. All queries to be directed to the <i> on 01772 895000 or via email at
*In some cases this charge may be waived.

Will the Assessment Board be aware of my absence record when making decisions about my academic performance?

Unauthorised absence is not acceptable and may be considered at the Course Assessment Board. (Academic Regulations C10.1)

How do I view my attendance profile?

There is the facility to view your attendance on Blackboard.

My timetable looks incorrect

If your timetable is incorrect, please advise your Academic Support Hub.