How do I find out my results?
You can view your results securely online by using myUCLan  It is University policy not to give results over the telephone.

I have looked at myUCLan but my result is not available.  Why not?
It may be that your course's Assessment Board has not yet taken place.  However, if you were expecting to receive your result, please contact your CAS Hub for assistance.

Will my results be posted to me?
When you have successfully completed your course, your transcript will be posted to your permanent home address.  You can view and print your results using myUCLan.

I'm not sure what my results mean.  How can I find out?
Explanatory notes on assessment results are available here.  However, if you are still unsure, please contact your CAS Hub for advice.  Independent advice can also be found at the Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre, email

How can I check what my Honours degree classification might be?
There is an APM spreadsheet for calculating the Honours APM based on 100 credits or 200 credits at 80:20 weighting,. It includes instructions for completion – enter your marks carefully against the correct level. Please also remember that your module marks are provisional until work has been externally moderated and those marks finalised by the year end Course Assessment Board.

I think that there is an error/something missing from my record.  Who should I contact?
Please contact your CAS Hub which is responsible for maintaining your personal and assessment records.

I know that I have to undertake reassessment.  How will I find out what I need to do?
Your Module Tutor will be able to advise.  If you are required to resubmit course work, you will be given details of what is required and a deadline date for submission.

I want to make an appeal against my results.  What do I need to do?
You will find detailed information about the Academic Appeals process here.

I'm not happy with the outcome from my First Stage Appeal.  What do I need to do?
There is a Second Stage Appeal process.  You will find detailed information here.

I have successfully completed my award.  How and when will I receive my certificate?
Certificates are printed and distributed throughout the year normally within a 4 week period following confirmation of an award by an Assessment Board.  However, at peak times due to the volume of awards, this will take longer.  The timetable is as follows:

January - May: certificates printed & mailed within 4 weeks.

June - September: certificates printed throughout August & September.  Mailing will take place September - October.

October - December: certificates printed & mailed within 4 weeks.

If you are resident in the UK, your certificate will be posted directly to your permanent home address.  If you are an international student, you will receive an email to tell you how to obtain your certificate.