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FAQs on Assessment during Covid-19 in 2020/21

This applies to all areas of the University but may differ in its application because of specific course or professional body requirements.

What does ‘no detriment’ mean in 20/21?

Previously, we implemented a ‘no detriment policy’ in direct response to the sudden changes that occurred earlier this year in both teaching and assessment delivery. However, this will now change. Whilst it is a different form of learning for all universities now, teaching, learning and support does continue in a blended approach and the University must try to return to normal academic practices as far as possible.

I am a Postgraduate student / non-standard (not September start) student and am not expecting to finish my degree until later this year – how will this affect me?

No detriment will be applied to modules which may have been affected by COVID-19 in semester 2 or 3 2019/20 , including any of your modules which went to an Assessment Board in June 2020.

If your module marks and overall results from Semester 2 and 3 2019/20 are considered for the first time by Assessment boards in 2020/21, the 19/20 no detriment process will be applied which means that your overall module marks achieved during lockdown (March to September 2020) will be carefully considered by the assessment boards to address possible detriment during this period.

We have worked closely with the numerous professional, statutory and regulatory bodies which accredit our courses, to ensure our decisions mean graduates still receive an accredited degree award.

I am studying at a partner or overseas college - does this apply to me?

• Yes (unless you are studying at Cyprus campus), and unless there are specific course, professional, statutory or regulatory requirements. If you are studying at a partner institution you should visit your institution’s webpages or Student Support Office for guidance about how the impact of covid-19 is being be mitigated at your institution this year.

What does an A or an H mean against my 2019/20 results?

When considering your performance the assessment boards were able to adjust or predict marks, applying ‘no detriment’ at a module level.

A: indicates that a mark has been adjusted upwards:
H: indicates a predicted mark:

• The A and/or H indicator shows that we have applied an adjustment upwards or predicted a mark based on previous performance.
• This mark cannot be taken away from you, however you may have a further attempt to try to get a better mark. As soon as you receive your results you must contact your School to advise that you would like a further attempt and agree a resubmission date and the work required.
• The School will set the deadline for submission of any optional reassessment attempt and this will not normally exceed 8 weeks.
• The optional reassessment work will only go through an assessment board and be awarded on your profile if the mark is higher than previously awarded.
• No extensions or Mitigating Circumstances can be granted for this optional attempt, so please bear this in mind if you are planning to submit additional work.

I have a module with an I grade due to Covid in from 2019/20 and a 'Proceed Counsel on Progression Route' recommendation. What should I do?

• You will be able to see both your new modules for 2020/21 and your incomplete modules from 2019/20 in MyUCLan. You will be given a deadline to complete these outstanding assessments and when they have been completed will be able to see your overall module marks.

You will have an I either because the professional body does not allow us to predict a mark for you on your course or because you did not submit work/submitted extenuating circumstances. You must complete these assessments.

• A ‘Proceed Counsel on Progression Route’ recommendation means that we have not stopped you from progressing with outstanding module/s, but that you must now make an attempt at this assessment otherwise you will not be able to continue the course / an accredited award may not be possible.

I have to do a number of practice hours for my course which I have not yet completed. How will this be completed?

This will vary between different courses and as a result of personal circumstances, so please contact your course leader.

I want to apply for Mitigating Circumstances because of the impact of Covid-19 related issues on my studies - what do I do?

If you need an extension for your work due to Covid-19, you will have the option of submitting Mitigating Circumstances, but you will not need to provide specific evidence for such circumstances as you would normally be required to do. It is important you’re aware that while we will do our best to ensure your circumstances are taken into consideration, there may be professional body requirements which will limit the actions we can take. In some cases, particularly those relating to clinical placements hours, it may be necessary to extend your period of study which may in turn impact on your fees, so it is important that you get advice from your Course leader/Year Tutor when discussing the potential remedies to your mitigating circumstances so you can make an informed decision.

Will my degree be worth the same having been completed by remote teaching and assessment?

• Yes. Your degree has the equivalent value of any other, and continues to meet UK and where relevant professional, statutory and regulatory body requirements. Careful consideration has been given to ensure that online learning and assessment meets the same standards as on campus.
• We have made sure that you are still able to meet the learning outcomes of your course. Your course continues to be delivered by the same people and most assessments remain the same, just delivered through a different method.

Will my final transcript or certificate indicate A or H marks from 2019/20 or Covid related statements?

• No, final award transcripts and certificates will not show these indictors.
• For non-finalist students, the indicators will stay on the student record system so that we can take this detriment into account in future years.

I am a third-year student worried that my 2019/20 marks will affect my future results and classification

We recognise that for students in year two in 2019/20 these marks could affect future classifications and the ‘no detriment’ process was intended to mitigate the potential impact. We will still take this into consideration in future years, even if the Covid-19 situation is then a distant memory.

I am not a September start student and I have just received my year end recommendation in 2020/21 which includes modules studied during the 2019/20 lockdown and I am not happy with the application of no-detriment on modules I studied during the lockdown, what can I do?

• Please email within 5 working days of the date you receive your results and we will check that the ‘no detriment’ policy has been applied correctly.

• Our assessment team in Academic Registry check against your previous weighted average percentage mark (APM) up to the point of Covid-19.

• If it is found that the ‘no detriment’ policy has not been applied properly, then the assessment team will liaise with the Chair of your assessment board to reassess your results.

• If it is found that the ‘no detriment’ policy has been applied correctly then we will be in touch to let you know that the check is complete.

• If you are still not satisfied, then you can find detailed information about the Academic Appeals process here.

• The appeals process will work as described, and to published timescales, just remotely using Microsoft Teams.

You are entitled to receive free, confidential and independent advice regarding the appeal from the Students’ Union’s Advice Centre, who can be contacted by emailing