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Apps we recommend

There are a lot of apps out there that can help with your studies and your mental health and wellbeing.

Below is a list of apps we recommend - click on the logo to access the apps.

bright sky Bright Sky - free app providing support and information for anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know.
hollie guard Hollie Guard – A personal safety app that can be used to raise alerts if you feel in danger. With a simple shake or tap you can activate the Hollie Guard app, immediately notifying your chosen contacts, pinpointing your location and sending audio and video evidence directly to their mobile phones.

Headspace – Mindfulness meditation to help reduce stress and learn to be more focused on the present. The basic course is free, users then can pay to subscribe to the full Headspace library. 

Calm – App to help relax, reduce stress and improve sleep. Includes relaxing sounds, breathing exercises, sleep stories and guided meditations. The app is free to download and try out different sections, users can then pay to unlock further features.

Calm Harm – Designed to help people resist or manage the urge to self-harm, based on the principles of dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). The app provides tasks that encourages users to distract themselves from urges to self-harm and help manage their "emotional mind" in a more positive way.

Chill Panda – adventure game to learn skills and be calm. Chill Panda asks you to rate your mood to work out your current emotional state. You are then encouraged to take part in a variety of playful activities including simple breathing techniques and exercises to take your mind off worries.

Student Health App – guide to physical and mental health topics, gives students fast and discreet access to reliable health information and advice about what's normal, which warning signs to look out for, and when to seek medical help.

Healthy Minds – Student problem-solving tool to help deal with emotions and cope with the stresses students can encounter both on and off campus. Features includes daily mood tracker, journaling feature,
problem-solving guide and stress buster strategies.

Mood Tools – App for helping with low mood and depression. Advises on treatments and self-help tools including activities, thought diary and safety plan.

Mindshift CBT – Anxiety Canada – App advising of CBT based techniques to manage symptoms of anxiety. Techniques include thought challenging, relaxation techniques and behavioural experiments.

SAM (Self-help for anxiety management) – App for helping with management of anxiety anxious symptoms. Advises on various techniques, and users can add the most useful techniques to their own ‘anxiety toolkit’.

Youper – App for anxiety and depression. Uses artificial intelligence to personalise techniques to meet the user’s needs. Incorporates techniques from CBT, ACT and mindfulness.

Personal Zen – Interactive game to help to retrain the brain to reduce stress.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock – Alarm clock and sleep tracker app. Tracks sleep patterns to make in a light sleep, helping to feel rested and energised.

Stop, Breathe & Think – Guided mindfulness and meditation app. Users can check in with their emotions, and the app then recommends short, guided meditations, yoga and acupressure videos.

PanicShield – App for help with panic attacks. Contains four different tools; guide, breathe, internal exposure and external exposure.

Catch It - make sense of moods – CBT based App designed by Psychologists from the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester. Encourages users to record mood and challenge negative thoughts.

Sanvello for Stress and Anxiety – Daily tools for stress, anxiety, and depression alongside a supportive community. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy & mindfulness meditation. Records mood, positive thoughts, relaxation methods, sends daily reminders.

Stay Alive – information and tools to help stay safe in crisis. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else considering suicide. Includes a safety plan, customisable reasons for living, and a LifeBox to store photos and memories.

Virtual Hope Box – Contains simple tools to help with coping, relaxation, distraction and positive thinking, use to store content you may find helpful in times of need.