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Information for Apprentices


Online Enrolment is the formal process which will confirm your status as an apprentice studying at the University of Central Lancashire. Once you have received your username and password you should use these to enrol as per the instructions below, so as not to delay your access to other University services. The online enrolment process should take no longer than 5 minutes

Enrol now:


As an apprentice whereby your apprenticeship course is funded by both your employer and the Government and during which you will be in receipt of a wage from your employer, you will not be eligible to receive either a tuition fee loan or a Maintenance Loan from Student Finance England through the Student Loan’s company.

University Financial Bursary Schemes:

Degree Apprentices are not eligible for the Financial Bursary Schemes available at UCLan.

Council Tax Exemptions:

Eligibility for Council Tax exemptions will be determined by your local authority.

Academic Calendar & Term dates:

The Academic Calendar provides important dates for your diary, including the start of term, Welcome Week or Welcome back, University examinations, formal publication of results dates and dates of graduation. It should be noted that depending on the date your course starts, examination and result publication dates may vary from those in the standard academic calendar.