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How do I apply?

You are strongly encouraged to declare your disability on your application form when you apply to study here at UCLan. Once you have done this, the Inclusive Support Team will be in contact with you, to discuss support and any possible adjustments.

To apply for support once you have started your study, you need to get in contact with Inclusive Support directly.  You can contact a member of the team by calling 01772 892593, or by emailing, or alternatively, please visit The <i> , based on the ground floor of the library who can assist with making your disability disclosure.

Staff in The <i>, based on the ground floor of the Library, are also available to help with any questions you may have.

Once you have made us aware of any disability, long-term health condition, or Specific Learning Difficulty, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide evidence.

Please fill in one of the following disclosure questionnaires (please make sure to fill in the most appropriate one for your condition. If you are unsure of which one to fill in, please use the general one):

Once completed please hand in at the <i> or email to

The University understands that your disclosure will involve sensitive information. We have procedures to make sure all personal information about you and your disability is secure. Sometimes, for your benefit, the University may need to share some of your information with your consent.

For further information in regards to the University Disability Policy, Guidance and other relevant Student Policies, visit our Student Contract page.

Your views and opinions as a student are very important to us as a University. If you want everything about your disability to be confidential – within Disability Services for example – this can be arranged. However, this could make it difficult to assess your needs, and difficult to make the adjustments you need.