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Academic Appeals

What is an Academic Appeal?

An Academic Appeal may be made against one or more of the following:

1. An Assessment Board result (where there are grounds)
2. An unfair means academic penalty
3. Early withdrawal from a course based on a failure to attend or make satisfactory progress

In each case there is a separate application process.

You cannot use an appeal to challenge academic judgement or appeal simply because you disagree with the marks you have been given. Robust mechanisms exist within the University to ensure that standards are fair and appropriate. Marking is conducted carefully and is subject to internal moderation and samples are checked by External Examiners who oversee the assessment process.

If you are uncertain why you have received a particular outcome or mark, you should contact your module Tutor for advice.

Please note that separate arrangements exist for complaints about the learning experience (see complaints procedure).

What are the grounds for making an appeal?

A request for an appeal against an Assessment Board decision (other than a decision relating to unfair means – see below) shall be valid only if it is based on one or more of the following grounds:

1. that an Assessment Board has given insufficient weight to extenuating circumstances;
2. that the student’s academic performance has been adversely affected by extenuating circumstances which the student has, for good reason, been unable to make known to the Assessment Board;
3. that there has been a material administrative error at a stage of the process, or that some material irregularities have occurred;
4. that the assessment procedure and/or examinations have not been conducted in accordance with the approved regulations (this fourth ground will not be relevant to an appeal against a decision relating to early withdrawal from a course. Such an appeal should be based on one or more of the three grounds above).

Where a student is seeking to appeal a decision of the Assessment Board relating to unfair means, the appeal will only be valid if it is based on the following grounds:

1. that the original hearing was not conducted fairly and/or in accordance with the published procedure;
2. that the original decision was unreasonable in all the circumstances.

What should I do if I think I want to make an appeal?

In the first instance, you are strongly advised to seek advice and guidance from your Academic Advisor.
Independent advice can also be found at the Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre, email

How do I submit an appeal?

You can find detailed information about how to submit an appeal and the way in which the two-stage process works in the Assessment Handbook. Appeals must be submitted using the application forms available below.

At the first stage of the process you will be invited to a meeting with the Head of School (or nominee) to consider your case.

What is the deadline to submit an appeal?

You must submit your first stage appeal within 14 days of the official notification of your course result. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a first stage appeal, you may submit a second stage appeal within 14 days of the meeting with your Head of School (or nominee) for consideration by the University's Second Stage Appeal Panel.

Application Forms: