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Bank Holiday weekend advice

04 May 2020

stay at home

Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, we're once again reminding everyone about the important advice from Lancashire Police, who are working hard to ensure people stay in and stay safe. 

We know it’s tough, especially over a bank holiday weekend, but it’s vital that people stick with the rules and stay home to save lives. Most people in Lancashire have been following the rules and we want to thank you – you are making a difference to the NHS.

  • This weekend police officers will be out and about across Lancashire - both in towns and villages and popular places on the coast and inland.
  • Officers will be speaking to people out walking and driving to explain the government rules and encourage them to follow them.
  • If you are driving you may be stopped - this is so the police can speak to you, to make sure you are following the guidelines and keeping yourself and others safe.
  • Enforcement is very much a last option and the police are taking a common-sense approach – but if they really need to issue fines they will.
  • Please stick to the government advice of staying close to home to exercise and if you need to drive, only driving a reasonable distance.
  • We’d strongly urge people to stay away from beauty spots, beaches and other popular places. If people have the same idea it becomes impossible to keep the recommended social distance.
  • Expect to see police officers out and about with a very visible presence; officers will be patrolling at locations and on the approaches to them and will be speaking to people. If you are driving some distance to get to a location, you need to be aware that you may well be turned back.
  • Please don’t call the police for advice on the government rules –the best place is on the government website.
  • Lancashire Police’s advice is clear – please stick to the government rules and only leave the house if it’s for one of the reasons set out. By staying home, you are protecting the NHS and saving lives.