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New scam email warning

11 Jun 2020

laptop email scam warning

A new spam email is being sent to students across the University, so please be careful and do not click on any links that you are not expecting. 

The new spam email may come from someone you recognise with a subject line that is relevant to you. The contents of the email invite you to click a link to read a message. Clicking the link invites you to enter your UCLan login details.

These details are then used to access your account and send more spam emails.

Unfortunately, there are many variations of this new email scam with one even appearing to be warning about scam emails. All these emails ask you to click on a link or file urgently which is a feature of phishing emails.

If you receive any emails of this type, please immediately delete them without clicking any links.

If you have clicked the link:

  • Change your password immediately 
  • Check to see if spammers have registered a phone number to reset your password here. If you have previously set a phone number, you will be taken into your account settings. If there is no phone number on your account, you will be taken to the setup screen. LIS advises registering a phone number against your account. This process is described here. If you see a phone number you don’t recognise, please contact LIS Customer Support.
  • Check your Email account for any unfamiliar rules. How to check for rules.
  • Contact LIS Customer Support via telephone – 01772 895355, email – or via the Service Portal if you have any questions or concerns.